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Why OSU will beat TCU - The Weekly Dose Of Satire

Welcome to the chopping block Froggy friends. It's time to fry some frogs, which is actually hard considering I like this team.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

After another week of witnessing the Cardiac Cowboys, we have finally entered into the dreaded and anticipated November to Remember. With three dramatic, come-from-behind and one overtime win under their belt, the Oklahoma State Cowboys look to remain perfect against the also quite perfect TCU Horned Frogs. The Frogs roll into Stillwater riding the second longest active win streak in the country while the Cowboys are settling for the 6th longest active win streak. In an even more astonishing fact, TCU's Trevone Boykin will start his 3rd game in Boone Pickens Stadium this Saturday while OSU's Mason Rudolph will be starting his 5th.

The records in those games?

Rudolph: 4-0

Boykin: 0-2


On top of that, the Spiked Lizard defense will have to somehow figure out how to stop a receivers corps that runs 10 deep and 4 running backs who each bring a different aspect to the table. And that's all before they have to change direction and figure out Gundy's magical Walsh-cat package. As Kyle Porter over at Pistols Firing pointed out, J.W. Walsh isn't a quarterback anymore and the Frogs will have to learn what is nearly an entirely new offense to be able to stop him.

Bet we got you trembling in your boots now, haven't we, Horny Toads?

To add onto that, the Pokes roll into the game averaging 351.5 passing yards per game, a surprising 9th in the nation. The Frog's defense also ranks 50th in passing defense and has been giving up more yards and points per game than this Cowboy defense of lore. If there's anyone that can corral Trevone Boykin, its Emmanuel Ogbah and his posse of pass rushers. Rolling 5 deep at corner and having what may be the best safety tag-team in the Big 12 (Tre Flowers and Jordan Sterns) should be more than enough to keep Josh Doctson in check. Sterns and corner Kevin Peterson managed to lockdown West Virginia wideout Kevin White last season and can do it again this year.


And for a special undefeated gameday edition, I have with me Paddle People President Zack Miller for his "Things to Watch" for this weekend:

-Ogbah has a hunger that was supposed to be filled with the Lombardi Award, but will settle for quarterbacks.

-Gary Patterson will look more clueless than Chris Farley in Tommy Boy trying to figure out how to stop JW at the goal line.

-TCU's got a hard-hitting defense...JK, they only hit hard when there's Keystone Light on the line. Luckily, Stillwater is a whiskey town.

-Will we get to see Glenn Spencer make his usual sacrifice (a redshirt freshman) before the game or at halftime?

-We're sorry you live closer to Waco than us.

That's it for this week and thanks to Zack for joining me! In all honesty, I actually really like TCU and will be cheering for them the rest of the season and I hope Trevone stays in the Heisman race because he really is a class-act guy.

Go Pokes!