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Saturday Six Shooter - TCU Game

It's Saturday morning and we now know more about TCU than we did four days ago.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This TCU team is good.

It's no secret and no one is going to be able to say differently regardless of outcome after the game today. We've learned a lot about the team since the week started. Here's six keys the Cowboys need to obtain if they wish to pull out the upset.

1. Ogbah Playing Angry

I know he said on Twitter that he doesn't care for the individual awards but how many players would have said differently? You know he has to be mad. If he plays angry, the emotion could carry onto his teammates, who could use the emotion given how banged up they may or may not be.

2. Mason Rudolph Shows His True Self

Rudolph has been amazing at home. He's a completely different monster when he's in Stillwater, entrenched in the sea of orange. Completing 67 percent of his passes for 1,423 yards, eight touchdowns and two interceptions in all of four games is pretty good. TCU is starting a lot of young talent in the secondary and if the Cowboys can expose it with a passing game, it'' open the rush game as well.

3. Everyone Loves Raymond

It wasn't even three months ago when Raymond Taylor scored against UTSA and everyone in Stillwater quietly quesitoned, "who?" Now, it's rumored he could be starting because it's widely believed he could be the savior to the rush attack that hasn't had a great runner since Joe Randle left. If Taylor takes advantage of a weak defense that's focusing on the pass and makes the offense respected as a whole, this team can't lose.

4. Boykin and Doctson Need To Be Stopped

I'm not sure I should've said stopped. Maybe slowed down or contain. It's just not going to happen. OSU may be able to slow them down for a quarter or two, but that might just be long enough.

5. Take Advantage of Your Home Crowd

This crowd can get loud. It's the biggest home game that isn't Bedlam since 2013 Baylor. That was the loudest it's been at Boone Pickens in a while and if the fans can get anywhere near that loud, Boykin and co., could be impacted.

6. No Turnovers

TCU doesn't turn the ball over a lot. OSU has a problem of doing so. As cliche as it sounds, it's true, the team that loses the turnover battle loses the game. If OSU keeps a bagel in that turnover column and force one or two fro TCU, along with scoring on the extra possessions, this game becomes a whole lot easier.