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Oklahoma State vs. TCU: As Told By Horned Frog Fans

Another one bites the dust, and another fanbase is sad

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

9-0. It feels pretty surreal to say that given how the season has gone. The Cowboys made a giant statement at the expense of TCU yesterday, dominating the game on both sides of the ball. Texas Christian entered the game with hopes of taking a big step in making the College Football Playoff and left Stillwater with a crushing defeat.

TCU fans were not having a good time during the game (and apparently really hate the "foam" paddles). You have to feel for them after seeing the Horned Frogs have another great season so far despite several key injuries. Hats off to Senior Trevone Boykin and good luck to him and TCU the rest of the season.

Let's let them take us through the game...




Lets Gooooooo!

Morning from Australia. The schedulers hate it when I sleep in.


Morning Hawkeye Illegal block in the back there. Not an ideal start.

Vaitai dressed but not starting. Hicks in the backfield to start was well

dangerous pass falls incomplete. Quick three and out for TCU. Not a great start on offense.

Ball may have been intended for Josh.

Drop by Aaron Green on third down. TCU will punt out of their endzone

Kindred is such beast on special teams. And an illegal block in the back against OSU on the reception

Great job stopping the run by Tuaua aaaaand iiiiit's third down!

Denzel Johnson with the sack and OSU will have to punt

THAT! Is a TCU defense!!!

really nice route by Kolby. More of that please

That sure was nice to see
huh fnj? Brings back fond memories

Ok, Now we are going....

(11:51 - 1st) Trevone Boykin pass intercepted Jordan Burton return for 8 yds to the TCU 46

Wow. Boykin was picked off. Nothing there. Not a good decision.

Frogs defense starts off well but a rough start for Boykin.

Offense looking pretty rusty so far. Let's pick it up boys

He looks a little too hyped apparently coaches had to calm him down pregame. He knows what is at stake... just needs to relax.

Lathan with a TFL the D Line for the Frogs is showing up today

(11:05 - 1st) James Washington 48 Yd pass from Mason Rudolph (Ben Grogan Kick) OSU 7 TCU 0

Rudoph to Washington 40+ yard touchdown on 3rd and 12. 7-0 Cowboys

ooooof OPI but... Mosely got toasted regardless.

I think it was actually Mosley. O'Meally and Mosley switched numbers before the WVU game, allegedly because Coach P thought #2 would never get the benefit of the doubt from the refs.

Man, don't like the coverage on deep balls. We are literally never, ever with the receivers on those routes

Man oh man I don't know why Okie State just doesn't throw the home run deep ball every play.

Yeesh Boykin does not look great so far

Doctson with the first down

After another Docston first down PI on OSU in the red zone. TCU 1st and 10 on the 30

Another holding penalty on OSU

Pass interference I mean

Boykin to Doctson is true on this drive. 2nd and goal at the 3 for TCU

(6:28 - 1st) Trevone Boykin 1 Yd Run (Jaden Oberkrom PAT blocked) OSU 7  TCU 6

Touchdown Boykin on the ground

And OSU blocks the extra point. 7-6 OSU

When you knock this team in the mouth they turn around and knock you right back.

All organizations will tend to embody their leadership over time.

buckle up

It's going to be one of those games!

We win the turnover margin tcu by 14 plus
Even margin. Tcu by 4
Lose the margin. Osu by 4

(6:02 - 1st) James Washington 50 Yd pass from Mason Rudolph (Ben Grogan Kick) OSU 14 TCU 6

Another go route to Washington. Another touchdown for OSU. 14-6 OSU


Unreal. How our corners get torched game after game after game. I don't even want to think about playing Sterling Shepard and Coleman. They both could have 300 yard receiving games against our secondary.

Roll a safety over please

I feel ike I am going to throw up...

and those foam paddles are driving me nuts.

Been to watch the Frogs in Stillwater. I HATE those $#*%# paddles!

Alright. Nixon with a big play and TCU is in the red zone. 2nd and 5 on the 8

dude they commit pi or holding on every play.

(3:24 - 1st) Jaden Oberkrom 23 Yd Field Goal OSU 14 TCU 9

Let's go D!

Oh right. These are Big 12 refs.

terrible no call and it's not like they have been shy with the flags to this point either. BS.

Yeah, should have been a TD but we end up with a field goal. No call on the PI on Doctson in the end zone

over under number of go routs Osu runs today?

Our dbs need to get dirty and commit pi rather than give up a td occasionally.


So many flags so far it's crazy to think about how many they have missed. At least two on Doctson

Let's go O!!!

TCU gets a stop and OSU had to punt. TCU will receive at their own 4

man that ball was just a bit too far to the outside

damn that was close... nice catch though.


Fumble they better review this.

not a fumble ... I think

Hopefully overturned!

That has to be overturned

Whew that fumble should get overturned. Still not a good situation though. Our offense looks like they're sputtering

Lucky there

Be nice to get the sun out of our eyes on offense.

Hopefully we get it together...


otherwise I am going to need a lot more beer.

I might need to go back to sleep!!! This game is stressing me out!

I would need two whole ambien to even have a chance at sleep...

Okay d 1st quarter hospitality is behind us. Lock em down!

(13:37 - 2nd) Jeff Carr 12 Yd pass from Mason Rudolph (Ben Grogan Kick) OSU 21 TCU 9

Christ Three of our guys there and they all miss getting the ball. F&^$!

das ist nicht sehr gut

Pathetic defense.

We just gifted them 7 points because nobody on special teams could fucking recover a gimme fumble.

Oh God. OSU scores again. Aquick pass to the sideline gets taken 12 yards into the endzone. 21-9 OSU

Same play 3 times in a row

help me Boykin kenobi you're our only hope.

can he play defense too? because we need help there as well.

Rec'd for Star Wars reference. I just rewatched episode four a couple of weeks ago

Youth on defense is really getting exposed today.

we really need to score here to stay in this game.

Why are we running TJ to the edge?

Turpin Time!

Feels like its been a while since we got some good Turpin

go for it

that play by Hicks was huge. Young guys on O are the only ones bringing the energy so far

Yup. Them and Boykin.

First down TCU on the Boykin carry. Sacked on the next play.

3rd and long

Time for doc

4th and 2 or 3 thanks to boykin

Wow. Just wow, Tre.

That was a highlight scramble. Come on. Let's go for it.

V needs to come out of the game.

take the points gp

Keep it within 2 scores at the half and we got this


I hope you are right...

but I am worried getting 3 is not going to cut it in this game.

I'm gonna miss Boykin

That's what their DL is saying to themselves on every snap.

(8:54 - 2nd) Trevone Boykin pass incomplete to Kolby Listenbee. Turnover on downs



Okay. Sorry there I was wrong about that one.

Pretty low percentage play

good God

I dont know if I can keep watching this it is killing me.

(7:57 - 2nd) Marcell Ateman 82 Yd pass from Mason Rudolph (Ben Grogan Kick). OSU 28 TCU 9

Unbelievable. This is not the team of destiny. The defense is a bunch of boys, no men here.

If I'm OSU I just throw the ball deep downfield every single play.

Peanut cracked.

Good God. That was the most wide open receiver I have ever seen. 28-9 OSU. We need to make something good happen.

How did we destroy them last year??...

Oh yeah we actually had a defense.

Is this where they test our mettle as fans until halftime?And then come back in the second half?

Because I don't need that drama. One of those per season is enough for me.

Gary may be offended when ESPN says our defense sucks...but I am afraid they are right.

We got royally screwed last year That team was so complete in every phase of the game: offense, defense and special teams. They were unstoppable at the end of the season.

Coaching. Game after game, as far back as the Baylor game, it's the same thing over and over again, going deep and receivers wide open. I don't buy that it's the players anymore.

@oraclegif me miracle max

Lets try to make it respectable.

What kind of playcall was that?well we may only have one motivation left after this game... ruining Baylor's season.

Going as far back as the Baylor game, continue to see defensive schemes that allow players to get behind the defense and or significant confusion. Not 100% on the players.

They are going to fucking score again

Fuck this..

Losing Bumpas may have been a bigger deal than I had thought.

D has played like shit all year.

Well, the Cowboys are now at the TCU 40 looking to score again. If they get this one then I am really worries

Calm down guys. We'll adjust and make this a game in the second half, at the least.

We do seem to play best with our backs to the wall.

I hope you are right.

OSU coaches screwed up the momentum by taking Rudolph out on that drive. Great play by Orr to force the punt. TCU takes over at the 1

damn Doctson is a wizard I cannot reiterate this enough.

Wrist frack.

don't even type that

You're right.

"I know nothing, I didn't see anything, I wasn't there, and if I was there, I was asleep."

this game is gutting me.

No. Please don't let this be happening.

This would be one hell of a comeback

Oberkrom misses a 49 yard FG. Still 28-9 OSU and the Cowboys get the ball to start the second half

Wow. Doctson is already down as he is on his knees then the OSU DB falls on him. I don't think he expected to get hit after he went down. Can this team get any more snakebit when it comes to injuries?


Time for one of Coach P's patented halftime adjustments. I believe.

better be one hell of an adjustment

Hey secondary, what type of cheese do you want? Swiss?

Idk what to say...I stayed off this bc I didn't want to b**** during the game but man... This is rough. I'm keeping hope alive but we need to be prepare ourselves.

It could've been worse. So let's get it together.

destiny. Starts now. I believe in miracles. And I've had a lot of jack

Second Half adjustments should get them back in this, I've never seen a team play so much better in the second half than this TCU team. Hope Doctson is okay. We need somebody to take 3 defenders out of ever play.

Crazy thought. Our defense next year should be really good but we have to replace a lot pieces on offense.

We HAVE been here before...Let's see how the halftime adjustments look.

Doctson - DOUBTFUL
Turpin - Back
Listenbee - Groin

We're going to have to risk Boykin in the run game. Hold on to your shorts, fellas.

(12:11 - 3rd) Trevone Boykin pass intercepted Chad Whitener return for 23 yds to the TCU 1


So, this is how the world ends.

(12:08 - 3rd) J.W. Walsh 1 Yd Run (Ben Grogan Kick) OSU 35 TCU 9

Boykin throws a pick six. Now 35-9 OSU.

WELP! It was a great run fellas! I hope everyone in the Big 12 loses now!

We look like a totally different team when playing on the road this year vs playing at home.

this is the most embarrassing lossin recent memory.

We got exposed...

No Heisman for Boykin...

No CF Playoff...

Sad for players .. fans.. and everyone involved.

I pray I am an idiot for posting this and we have a miracle comeback.

Nice return Kavonte TCU will start their drive on the 45....and pray...

Pretty sure that Chad Whitener wanted a TCU offer.

There is no quit in this team. But I think we have too big a hole to climb out of. That failure to capitalize on that fumbled punt was huge. We had three guys there and they don't recover the ball. That would have given the offense a short field. They score on that possession and it has been all OSU since.

(8:56 - 3rd) Trevone Boykin 1 Yd Run (Jaden Oberkrom Kick) OSU 35 TCU 16

Second rushing TD for Boykin. We really needed that drive and it was big that we got the running game going.

Nice drive but...Unless our D can hold, it will be all for naught.

Let's list all the guys we've lost this year who are not now playing.











Just poured out my whole drink need to go fill it up and then pour it out again.

I don't think anyone has enough depth for that kind of attrition.

The only thing that brings us back Is a pick 6.

or two

Kindred started the comeback last time. Big play by him there

(8:07 - 3rd) James Washington 74 Yd pass from Mason Rudolph (Ben Grogan Kick) OSU 42 TCU 16

that was not a pick six. it was six the wrong way

Yup. Definitely need to go pour out another drink. Hold on y'all

me too

I hate to say it but this is insurmountable I am afraid.

Like I have been saying all game. Forget the short stuff - throw the post or go route down the sideline every play. We are that stunningly bad (with the exception of Kindred) in the secondary.

After watching this game I just hope they can hold Baylor to under 100 points.

after this all we have is wrecking Baylor... and I will still be disappointed if we do not.... however unlikely it may seem.

How fun. This secondary is truly terrible.

Our DBs are a dumpster fire

I wonder if they can sneak out of the stadium during one of the TV timeouts.

Orr needs to be a safety. Or a Nickorrback.

This has got to be killing Gary. We need to send an offer to every 4-star high school kid in the universe.

(7:33 - 3rd) Trevone Boykin pass intercepted Tre Flowers return for no gain to the TCU 48

No Heisman for Boykin

Feel so bad for Boykin and Doctson. They both had great chances for the Heisman and Bilitknekof trophies this year - but not now.

i feel like gary's to blame for this. it's his secondary that has been dumpster fire so far, he, keeps putting them in position to be one on one, seems like bad coaching to me

Joey Harrington is so annoying.


TCU's defense forces a stop. Thanks to a TFL by Denzel Johnson. Just get a touchdown here and we can Michigan State them in the fourth quarter

I don't think I can make it one more quarter...good luck y'all...I would buy everyone a drink if I could...hope we beat kansas...

O-line has done a good job for the most part Boykin has had time to throw - he has just made a couple of bad decisions and telegraphed throws leading to INTs.

OSU's defense has always been about turnovers. They'll jump routes if they can, Boykin has to adjust and make them pay with double moves.

I am not on a ledge over this....If they lose, then I admit that It's a bad loss, but this team has played with heart and represented our alma mater well this year. I still look forward to the rest of the season - if they are only a one to two loss team then this is still a good year, even if below expectations. I just hope next year they find a way to stay healthier.

All of these injuries have finally cought up to us

Holy Hell. This post-game is going to blow

You have to feel good about the offense next year. Hicks is back at RB, We graduate Doctson and Listenbee but look at the talent Kenny Hill is going to have to throw to: Shaun Nixon, Emannual Porter, Desmon White, Kavonte Turpin, Ty Slanina, Jarrison Brewster.

Kolby Listenbee 32 Yd pass from Trevone Boykin (Jaden Oberkrom Kick) OSU 42 TCU 23

C'mon D - another 3 and out. That will get the natives in Stillwater a little restless.

Man their punter has been great today. He has pinned us inside the 10 again.

Okay. Frogs defense gets another stop and now we have a chance?

I hate these running plays We need to get the ball down the field.

Agreed. Started this drive with over 12 minutes on the clock. Why all the runs and passes into the flats?

Time is running out but the TCU offense finally looks capable. Mostly because of Boykin putting everyone on his back, but still

(5:21 - 4th) Trevone Boykin run for no gain to the OKSt 1

Boykin is stopped on 4th and 1 at the goalline. That's probably the game at this point. It's been fun y'all

this game is on the coaching. first gary kept leaving guys one on one, now our offense coordinators can't call passing plays DOWN THE FIELD. Like the only time we ever through it down field was a td to listenbee, i just don't got it. i'm at a loss for words....

Oklahoma St should have 2 losses already. Maybe they were the team of destiny

Well...It shows that last year was our year, I think all of us can agree that we had a Natty Champ team last season. Hopefully recruiting can get a lot better for our D but overall a disappointing performance for the ENTIRE TCU team and staff. Finally, let us all pray for the poor, poor Kansas team that we will play next week... I can't see us not putting 60+ points on them!

Rrrrrrr.....What an abomination...... Missed opportunities, and mistakes. It will hurt, it will sting for awhile.

How far can you tumble down.....Son of a bitch

Keep this in context guys. It's one game. It's a sucky situation, of course, but everything is still on the table for us, even if our control has been taken out of our hands. Oklahoma State still has games against Baylor and OU, just like we do. If we win them, and they lose them, we're the Big 12 champs. If we're the Big 12 champs, we're in the playoff conversation- particularly since other contenders have been struggling today as well.

Oh well That was the strangest lopsided ass whooping I've witnessed.

Oh well. They are circling up in Waco to pleasure each other without realizing that after they lose to OU next week, they will suffer the same fate in Stillwater; got the feeling the championship will boil down to Bedlam; at least we had the introspective to realize this could happen; the Bears still believe that they are walk off national champs - they are in for a big disappointment...

(2:28 - 4th) Aaron Green run for 1 yd for a TD, (Two-Point Conversion failed ) OSU 42 TCU 29

I can't speak for the team, of course but no one that I know at Baylor thinks that playing OU (even at home) or Ok State in Stillwater are gimmes. We are scared to death!

I hope Doctson isn't badly injured. See you in a few weeks.

(0:44 - 4th) Chad Whitener 42 Yd Interception Return (Ben Grogan Kick) OSU 49 TCU 29


FINAL (OSU - 49 TCU - 29)

Fuck it. I'm turning this around I remember that loss to southern miss when we were undefeated bcs busters. Not going to get down about losing on the road to an undefeated big 12 team.

Sucks to be Kansas.