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Buy or Sell: Oklahoma State is in the Top Four in Tuesday's Playoff Poll

Most of us think they SHOULD be........but will they actually be in the top four?

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off of Saturday's 49-29 win over a previously undefeated TCU, there is a ton of momentum building in Stillwater. Will the national media and playoff committee take notice and put the Pokes in the playoff in the newest poll set to be released on Tuesday?


The case for OSU to be included is pretty simple, in all honesty. The Pokes are undefeated in a power five conference that currently has four teams in the top 13 in both the AP and coaches polls, more than any other conference.

Another argument in OSU's favor is the Cowboys have arguably the best win in the country this season, with Clemson and Alabama being the only other two schools with an argument. A home win by 20 over a top 10 team with a Heisman favorite? This needs to be accounted for. Baylor is ahead of OSU in both polls released on Sunday, which is mind boggling to me. Baylor doesn't have a top 25 win this season, and are also without their star quarterback Seth Russell. There has been a ground swell of media member now putting the Cowboys in their top four including Kirk Herbstreit and Brett McMurphy among others.

Oklahoma State should be the highest ranked Big 12 team due to their body of work so far this season and should jump into the top four in Tuesday's playoff poll replacing LSU.


We all know how little credit the media likes to give the Big 12. If they choose the whole "OSU has only played one good team" route, despite the fact Ohio State has played ZERO good teams, it is conceivable that they could leave us out despite a dominant win over a top 10 team. We saw in the first release that they don't take our conference as seriously as others. Partially that is on the teams in the Big 12 for scheduling pathetic out of conference schedules hurting the conference's exposure until November in the Big 12's case due to the top four having back loaded conference schedules, but it's also on the media for not realizing we actually do play some pretty good ball in this conference.

It isn't hard to imagine them bumping Notre Dame up into the top four, despite their best win being over Temple.... TEMPLE, and leaving both Baylor and OSU out. I admit that losing to Clemson on the road in a tight game is a "good" loss. However, it is still a loss. Something  OSU doesn't have. We also have by far a better win than both the Irish and Bears.

The media will overlook all of this and go with a "name brand" and put Notre Dame in the top four ahead of two undefeated Big 12 schools.

Is OSU "in" in the playoff poll set to be released tomorrow? You decide! Vote and leave your opinion in the comments.