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Sugar Bowl Team Gifts for Oklahoma State/Ole Miss

The bowls have been selected and the next question is what gifts will the football team be getting?

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

'Tis the season for bowl and player gifts. Not only Oklahoma State will play in one of the best bowls in the country, but will also get another Christmas present, Bowl gifts. Bowl gifts are pretty awesome for the players, ranging from watches to gift cards and more, the bowl game atmosphere and extra curricular for the players and fans are almost as cool as the game itself some times.

The NCAA allows each bowl to give $550 worth of gifts to 125 participants from each school.

The Oklahoma State and Ole Miss football players are receiving a Fossil watch, a New Era cap, a commemorative coin and an opportunity to pick out a gift from the gift suite, according to Sports Business Daily. The gift suite, at least the one that the Las Vegas Bowl has, is where players get a certain amount of points (six) and get to pick out certain gifts worth anywhere from 1-3 points.

Last season, Oklahoma State attended the Cactus Bowl and received Fossil watches, Ogio Rogue backpacks and another trip to the gift suite.