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CRFF Roundtable - Is Ford Gone Next Year?

The CRFF staff looks at Travis Ford's future and which newcomer could make an impact for the football team next season.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports
1) Which senior on the football team would you grant another year of eligibility and why?

2) Will Travis Ford be coaching in Stillwater at this time next year?

3) Which current football recruit are you the most excited to see next year and which do you think has the best chance to contribute early?

Leave us your answers in the comments below.


1) JW. I still think he needs to be around as long as possible.

2) Who even cares at this point? We've wanted him gone for years and he's still here. What's one more year gonna do? Make attendance drop to 3k from 4? Tired of thinking this is the year we negotiate and get him out. If it happens, fine. If not, what's the difference? It's inevitable baring a sweet 16.

3) No clue so I'll say one of the incoming offensive lineman so badass they start as a freshman at guard or center.


1) Kevin Peterson.
2) Yes he'll be here.
3) Justice Hill.


1) David Glidden: it seems Glidden has been around for much longer than he actually has. His importance to this Cowboy offense hasn't been flashy but he's probably been the most important cog and has made Rudolph's life in his first full year a lot easier than it could have been.

2) Unfortunately, yes. It will take consecutive years of not making the postseason to force Holder's hand.

3) Justice Hill is someone I'd like to see early on. Who knows if he can do better behind this offensive line next year, but I'd like to see him try.

Either Larry Williams or Tyler Brown have the best chance at playing time. The interior of the offense line struggled for much of the season, so it's the most likely position to see young blood early on.


1) Kevin Peterson, no question.

2) How about March 1 next year?

3) Any offensive lineman.


1) Ryan Simmons. For a guy who has meant so much to the defense, I just feel bad that his senior year was ended prematurely. I know he isn't the first person or the last to have a career shut down by injury, but this is a hypothetical. Plus Simmons, Whitener, and Seth Jacobs would make up the best linebacker core in the country.

2) I don't know. I really don't know.

3) Obviously Amen Ogbongbemiga. How you pronounce that I don't know, but he's Ogbah's cousin and we could sure use another Ogbah once he leaves for the NFL.


1) I agree with Robert. It's easily Kevin Peterson. CB looks like a definite weakness next year.

2) I feel like I've been pretty reasonable about Ford, but after losing to Missouri State, I'm done. And if this loss wasn't just some anomaly, then I have a hard time seeing him coaching next year because we'll get booty blasted by pretty much the entire Big 12.

3) Contributing next season? It will definitely be one of the JUCO players. Tramal Ivy and Tralund Webber should both have opportunities at DE since we're most likely losing Ogbah and for sure losing Bean. Same with Malik Kearse at CB, and Larry Williams should at least provide some competition on the OL.

Kyle Cox

1) This is a hard one. I actually changed my answer. It's got to be Jimmy Bean. He's been overshadowed for a while by the rising star that is E-Man but he is a very good college player. If Ogbah leaves (which he will) Bean could be the best end in the Big 12 next year. But both will probably be on NFL rosters next year and OSU will have to replace maybe its best pass rush tandem ever.

2) I know we said this last year, but I'm gonna call it. Travis Ford will not be with this team next year. It's just gotten too bad. At this point it doesn't matter whose fault it is. It's just over. Like a college girlfriend who calls you out in front of your friends, there's no coming back. It can't be fixed and it's really not worth trying. A clean slate will be the best for all involved.

3) At this point, I'm going to have say Justice Hill. Unless something absolutely crazy happens before signing day, I think he will be able to compete for playing time from the start. We've seen Gundy give true freshman the start at skill positions. He knows how bad they need to make something happen on the ground. At this point, he might let Grogan carry it a couple times if he thought it would help.