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Barry Sanders Jr., Could A Transfer Be In The Works?

Oklahoma State could use a running back and Barry Sanders Jr. could use another chance.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In the early days of what was a four-star running backs recruitment, plenty of Oklahoma State fans dreamed of seeing the infamous "Sanders" name on the back of an orange, black or white jersey again.

That didn't happen though, as the four-star son of Barry Sanders, Barry J. Sanders, would end up taking his talents all the way to California to play for the Stanford Cardinal. Since, Sanders Jr., hasn't had the career many probably thought he'd have. In his three years of playing Sanders has picked up 670 yards on 113 carries and four touchdowns on the ground and only 12 catches for 89 yards out of the backfield.

Put in the new standout for the Cardinal Christian McCaffrey, who just broke Sanders fathers record, it's looking slim for Sanders to get much playing time in his final year. All of this has spurred a few local radio hosts to put Sanders name on a list that many have become familiar with in Stillwater over the last few years, the graduate transfer list. With players like Tyler Patmon, Michael Hunter and Josh Furman all coming in and playing immediately, it'd make sense for Sanders to consider coming back to Oklahoma.

However, none of this has been talked about by anyone actually in the situation. According to Kyle Fredrickson of The Oklahoman, Gundy hasn't spoken with either of the Sanders'.

"I haven't had any direct contact with Jr. nor with Barry," Gundy said. "We have to treat them exactly like a high school recruit. We can't comment on them. The players that have come here - Patmon and Hunter and those guys - they finish, they graduate, they get a release, and then we're able to have contact with them.

"It has been a topic, because I've had multiple compliance officers from our university call and say, 'You can't have contact with him.' Of course I say, 'I understand that.' We hear the same information that you do."

Any contact with Sanders Jr., would be a conflict so clearly probably won't happen until after the season ends, if at all. Although it would make sense for Barry J. Sanders to return, it's never been like him to want to follow in his dads footsteps before, as many legendary college athlete children don't.