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CRFF Roundtable: What's going on with recruiting?

The CRFF staff gives our take on the recruiting situation.

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Oklahoma State recruiting has gone downhill tremendously the past few weeks? Why? What are your theories?

Help us figure this out by answering below.


There's something big going on, bigger than Yurcich leaving, but I don't know what. Gundy can't be leaving. He could have, but he isn't going anywhere. I want to know the reasons for our recent decommitments, but I'm hoping a Sugar Bowl win will help.


It seems to me as if they were all individual cases, but who knows? Maybe there is something that is tying all of them together. At this point, I think the team needs to draw all of their efforts toward getting a bowl win. That should help in recruiting, or at least dull the pain.

OkState Gents

Random alums tweeted at them and pissed them off.


Stop tweeting children.


I agree with Thomas, I think they're all individual circumstances.

Draper - Super early commit by Oklahoma State standards, especially one of that caliber. I've read that his family pulls for OU so I'm sure they were always in his ear. The season OU has had probably only upped the family's fandom and in turn the pressure to switch. Who knows, maybe it was a clown job by his family...

The OL dude - If you're a kid in Texas right now it would be tough to turn down A&M. With the way A&M has churned out OL lately this kid will be a first rounder - IMO this could be the biggest loss of the group.

Starkel - I think the reason everyone was so upset with this one is how vocal he has been about his commitment and love for the university. He's seemingly been the leader of the class - like I believe the coaching staff asked him to be. It's no coincidence that he dropped this right after Kyle Allen announced that he's transferring.

Ivy - I don't think this is a decommitment as much as a didn't qualify deal. At least that's the rumor on the internets.

I also agree with King - Don't tweet kids.


Draper and Starkel: Both committed early and were still pursued HARD by other schools. For Draper, his whole family roots for OU and so that was pulling him and I don't think the Bedlam beat down helped. Want to second what Jeremy said about Starkel because it's important. He was the leader of the class and this kills OSU - expect more flips this week IMO.

Kyle Cox

I tend to not overreact to these type of things because it happens all the time. This time of year some of those kids, who had not gotten as much attention, now are. Starkel committed early and since then went to the Elite 11 camp. He's gotten a lot more pub and just getting the offer from OSU helped that. The Pokes losing their last two home games in convincing fashion can't help either. Now they have all those extra voices in their ears.

Oklahoma State, despite its rise in the last ten plus years is not a top tier recruiting school. That being the case, you're not going to be a shoe in for a lot of these guys, especially when their stars start to rise. There's an unwelcome benefit from having a track record of finding "diamonds in the rough". If OSU offers a kid, all of the sudden other schools take notice.

The funny thing is, it is somewhat of a crap shoot anyway. I know what people are going to say. There is a reason 5 star guys go to Bama and Ohio State. That is true. But even Gundy has talked about there not being a huge difference between a 4 star and a 3 star. The Pokes like to lean on their developmental program to help with that.

Obviously you need to land those guys from time to time but unfortunately Oklahoma State is not the school to get three or four of those guys every year. So you take your Ogbah's and Washington's and even Blackmon's and try to put them in the best situation to thrive. All of them studs. None of them offered by Alabama.

To end on a satirical note, NONE OF THIS MATTERS. Barry J. is coming and he is going to take revenge on McCaffrey for lost playing time and falsely soiling his surname and win the Heisman in 2016.