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The Best and Worst of Bowl Games

Ranking from the best bowl games to watch from the top to the bottom of the food chain

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Happy bowl season college football fans! This weekend will be the start of bowl season starting out from the worst bowl games to the grand daddy of them all, The National Championship in Arizona. Here are the rankings from best to worst, leave your top 10 rankings in the comments.

1. Oklahoma vs. Clemnson, Orange Bowl: A rematch from last year's Russell Athletic Bowl and the Sooners are coming for blood after what happened last season.

2. Michigian State vs. Alabama, Cotton Bowl: The Spartans are back in the Cotton Bowl and looking to pull another miracle as they are the underdog against highly favorite team, Alabama.

3.  Iowa vs. Stanford, Rose Bowl: Iowa didn't win the Big 10 Championship, so here is a good consolation prize for them after finishing the regular season, 11-0.

4. Ohio State vs. Notre Dame, Fiesta Bowl: A lot of Buckeye fans are not happy that there not in the CFB Playoff, but this is a consolation prize against one of the top football programs in the country, Notre Dame.

5. Oklahoma State vs. Ole Miss, Sugar Bowl: Ole Miss is losing some of their best players due to injuries or off-field issues so that may give Oklahoma State a higher chance to win it.

6. Houston vs. Florida State, Chick Fil-A Peach Bowl: Houston is a small football program that is going against a storied football program, but if Houston pulls off the upset against the power dog Seminoles then this might be upset of the year for bowl game wise.

7. TCU vs. Oregon, Alamo Bowl: Both of these teams started on top then they quickly fell out, but at the end of the season they are slowly coming back. This Treyvone Boykin's last game as a Horn Frog.

8. Baylor vs. North Carolina, Russell Athletic Bowl: First, thank you Baylor for giving us the Sugar Bowl spot! Both of these teams, have  a high power offense, but will Baylor bounce back with their offense after the downfall against Texas?

9.  Michigan vs. Florida, Citrus Bowl: Both of these teams had disappointing seasons last season, but finished the season with eight or nine more wins. Interesting matchup.

10. Northwestern vs. Tennessee, Outback Bowl: I wonder how much food from Outback they will eat during their trip?

11. NC State vs. Mississippi State, Belk Bowl: Sounds like a decent bowl matchup.

12. BYU vs. Utah, Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl: BYU is a mormon school and is playing at the sin city in America.

13. Texas Tech vs. LSU, Texas Bowl: If Oklahoma State didn't get the Sugar Bowl, then this would of been there consolation prize (thank goodness that didn't happen). Still though a matchup with LSU against a Big 12 team may be a worthy cause to win for the Big 12.

14. Wisconsin vs. USC, Holiday Bowl: Might as well consider this as USC's home field adavantage since San Diego is not far Los Angeles. They are going to have a BIG advantage for that and Wisconsin is having trouble getting fans to go to the bowl and causing a lot of controversy by not sending their whole marching band on the trip and leaving the freshman at home.

15. Penn State vs. Georgia, Tax Slayer Bowl: Its one of those bowl names that makes me scratch my head. Two decent teams going at it.

16. Louisville vs. Texas A.M. , Music City Bowl: Aggies didn't want to play in the Texas bowl because it will be against a Big 12 team. So they ended up here

17. Kansas State vs. Arkansas, Liberty Bowl: Last time these two teams played against each other was The Cotton Bowl in 2012 and Arkansas pulled it off. Razorbacks started off in the top 15, but quickly got the boot out of the rankings then pulled off the miracle win against Ole Miss (4th and 25) and beat LSU for the second year in a row.

18. Miami vs. Washington State, Sun Bowl: Sorry Miami there is nothing at El Paso, Texas compare to the other bowls that you been to.

19. UCLA vs. Nebraska, Foster Farms Bowl: Another bowl game that makes me cringe. Nebraska is one of the five win teams playing against a good UCLA team. Don't really expect a lot from this game.

20. Boise State vs. Northern Illinois, Poinsetta Bowl: Both of these teams used to be a small powerhouse school, but have been quiet over the past couple of years.

21. Toledo vs. Temple, Boca Raton Bowl: Add this bowl to my bowl games that make me cringe. It's not half as bad when the game is at sunny Florida.

22. Western Kentucky vs. South Florida, Miami Beach Bowl: Consider this as South Florida's home game since it's not as far as Western Kentucky has to travel.

23. Auburn vs. Memphis, Birmingham Bowl: Memphis has been hot, but how did they get this bowl? Was Auburn at the National Championship a couple of years ago? What happen to them?

24. California vs. Air Force, Armed Forces Bowl:A good worthy cause bowl

25. Indiana vs. Duke, Pinstripe Era Bowl: About every year, it snows on gameday at this bowl. Wonder if it's going to do it again?

26. Arizona State vs. West Virginia, Cactus Bowl: Arizona State only has to drive less than an hour to get to play at Arizona Diamondback's stadium, however West Virginia will be a different story. Mountaineers was suppose to get a better bowl game, but blew it when they lost to Kansas State that knocks them to the last bowl advantage.

27. Pittsburgh vs. Navy, Military Bowl: No comment

28. Tulsa vs. Virginia Tech, Independence Bowl: Good news, happy to see Tulsa go bowling this year after a couple year absence. Bad News: Playing against Virginia Tech that finished with five wins and trying to win this for there coach since he is retiring after this season.

29. Arkansas State vs. Louisiana Tech, New Orleans Bowl: The backyard bowl for the Sugar bowl. How many times has Louisiana Tech played in this bowl?

30. San Diego State vs. Cincinnati, Hawaii Bowl: Surprised that this bowl still exists! Good luck getting fans to that bowl game.

31. Washington vs. Southern Miss., Heart of Dallas Bowl: After attending this bowl a couple years ago, why does this bowl still exist? Playing the day after New Years Eve was painful, but now this game is being played the day after Christmas. Be glad I didn't had the heart to rank it even lower after that experience.

32. Arizona vs. New Mexico ,Gildan New Mexico Bowl: Arizona was in the Fiesta Bowl last season, but then quickly fell to one of the worst bowl's in the country. I wonder how much clothes they are going to get with their bowl gifts?

33. Nevada vs. Colorado State, Arizona Bowl: Two teams in the same conference playing against each other for the bowl game. Weird situation...

34. Georgia Southern vs. Bowling Green, GoDaddy Bowl: Another five win team in this bowl

35. Connecticut vs. Marshall, St. Petersburg Bowl: Enjoy warm sunny Florida, but it's not much of a game.

36. Middle Tennesse vs. Western Michigan, Bahamas Bowl: Same comment as the St. Petersburg bowl

37. Central Michigan vs. Minnesota, Quick Lane Bowl: Another five win team in the sceaniro, but Central Michigan should pull off the win in this one.

38. Akron vs. Utah State, Famous Idaho Potato Bowl: Oh yes, who can forget about this bowl? Playing on Boise's blue turf field in cold Idaho.

39. Ohio vs. Appalachian State, Camellia Bowl:N/A

40. San Jose State vs. Georgia State, Cure Bowl: Congrats you got my vote for the worst bowl of them all! Didn't know it was a bowl game till I heard about it. A five win Georgia State team and it's not even on TV! That's enough to get my vote for the worst of them all.