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Could Oklahoma State Be In The Mix For A Transfer Quarterback

J.W. Walsh might not be back but there are plenty of other quarterbacks out there waiting to be wooed.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

J.W. Walsh is probably leaving. Yes, he can apply for a medical redshirt and try to come back for an extra year, but what if he doesn't want to? What if The General is ready to move on and start his coaching career? OSU would be without a key cog to its offense that's pretty much worked very well with Mason Rudolph throwing the team to the redzone and him finishing. This means fans will undoubtedly see more Rudolph next year, which would be fine as he is a good quarterback, but who's to say that OSU won't do it again?

This past week or so, another Aggie school has begun to fall faster than Oklahoma State recruits are decommitting and a Sooner quarterback has been granted full release to transfer wherever he likes. Let's be real, the likelihood of any of these guys that are currently available to transfer and play is small, but let's examine what they could bring to the table and the actual probability of it happening.

Trevor Knight (2/10)

I just don't see this happening. Yeah, he's essentially Walsh in every sense except we've never really seen him run all that much. Sure, it's been a combination of the system and his fragility but Walsh is also fairly fragile, being injured multiple times at Oklahoma State. However, throwing Knight from one side of Oklahoma to the orange and black just seems so unlikely, especially for a guy who's been such an icon for the Sooners before Baker Mayfield showed up, it's just unrealistic.

Kyle Allen (3/10)

I say he's more likely simply because, from what I'm getting from the situation, he wasn't happy in College Station. Whatever the reason may be, he's out, and according to some, he's mulling option between Houston, Oklahoma and Arizona State. Let's look at him as a realistic option. For one, he's not afraid to leave his home (Arizona) as his options bring him to Texas and Oklahoma. Two, he's shown he has the ability to run, something that OSU would need should Walsh leave. Three, maybe it was the situation. As I said before, it doesn't seem like he was very happy with the whole situation down there. If Allen is looking to be a full-time starter, OSU probably isn't the place, but neither would OU, so he may not be looking to start.

Kyler Murray (4/10)

This kid might not even be playing football in a few months. In fact, some are saying it'd be smart for him to go get some money and play baseball. He's undersized, quick and throws a nice ball. He honestly would be a great fit for the team and is the kind of athlete you want to take over a role that Walsh held down quite well. However, there's a lot of things that go into this. His baseball career, other options and starting. As mentioned with Kyle Allen, if Murray wants to be a starting quarterback, options such as Texas might be the better option. However, if he wants to be a part of a program who will use him to his abilities and take some pressure off of himself, OSU would be a pretty good fit. Probably won't happen, though.

Overall, the Walsh experiment might be over. However, OSU still might try to contact these guys seeing as the school did offer each one during their recruitment. It's probably more likely we see Rudolph play 100 percent of the snaps next year than one of these guys come in, but it'd be fun.