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Will J.W. Walsh Start The Sugar Bowl?

Oklahoma State needs all the help it can get against Ole Miss, including it's starter.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

When you're facing a tough team like Ole Miss, you need all hands on deck, especially the starting quarterback. Although reports have surfaced in recent weeks saying Mason Rudolph will be ready to start the Sugar Bowl, some think Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy may be hinting at J.W. Walsh as the starter for the game.

According to John Helsley of The Oklahoman, Gundy has hinted toward Walsh as the starter, but will not outright say it, saying the team doesn't want to experience a setback with Rudolph and that Walsh may play at least half the game, and unless Oklahoma State is spending half the time in the red zone, we may be seeing more Walsh than some want to.

However, Kieran Steckley of The Stillwater NewsPress is saying that Rudolph will take snaps during practice. Gundy has been known to try and mess with the other teams before, so it's likely no one will know how long Rudolph will or will not play until halfway through the first quarter.