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CRFF's Travel Guide to New Orleans

Going to New Orleans on New Years? Looking for something to do other than Bourbon Street? Here are my recommendations!

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Going to the Sugar Bowl for New Years? Looking for stuff to do on New Years Eve other than Bourbon Street? Here's my travel guide to the most popular restaurants and attractions in New Orleans.

Hungry? Hope you love Gumbo, Cajun and seafood.

Here's a list of restaurants to go try:

1. Cafe de Monde: Home of the famous baked beignets and chicory coffee. It's open 24 hours a day, so this is the perfect place to go after the game or for a midnight snack on New Year's Eve. Looking forward to this place and it's on the top of my list!

2. French Quarter: Even though it's next to Bourbon Street, the French Quarter is covered with shops, restaurants and live jazz music. If you haven't heard Dixieland jazz before, this would be a great place to go and find some!

3. Jackson Square: Home of the world famous St. Louis Cathedral; it's historic and a pretty sight to visit.

4. The Steamboat Rides: There are two boats, the Natchez and Creole Queen, but the price is steep for the cruise and dinner - but it's worth it. You'll get a pretty view of New Orleans on the water. You can reserve your tickets online or call them before showing up.

5. Cemetery Tours: New Orleans is rich with history and that history extends to the cemeteries. Because the city is below sea level, bodies can't be buried and are placed in above-ground crypts which makes the cemeteries a sight to see. The most famous cemetery in town in the St. Louis No. 1 cemetery where you'll find the crypts of Marie Laveau and Homer Plessy. This is within walking distance from the French Quarter.

6. The Audubon Zoo: Bringing the little ones with you? Trying to find a family friendly attraction for your family? This zoo is one of the best in the country. Prices are not bad as $20 is about the highest ticket price. This is a great place for both the kids and parents to enjoy themselves.

7. Plantation Home Tours: There are many different homes but most of them are just outside New Orleans. These home tours are worth the drive, though, and they're a great place to learn about the city's rich history.

8. Bourbon Street: Still on my list. Recommended for night life and it is full of bars and restaurants. But if you're going to the street then you may want to grab some friends with you. There are a lot of different stories about what can happen at night there, so be careful.

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See you at NOLA and Go Pokes!