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Sugar Bowl Graphics For Christmas

We really can't get you much, so here's something nice.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

It's finally (almost) here. With less than a week until Oklahoma State takes on Ole Miss, it's time to seriously start the preparations. Weston Shepherd graciously provided us with these info graphics for you to feast your eyes upon for the time being until the Cowboys (hopefully) take it to the Rebels.

For an SEC team, Ole Miss sure does like to put up the numbers. Technically, the Rebels have the upper hand on offense in terms of moving the ball seeing as they can pass and run. However, the Pokes do have the better passing game and scoring offense. Also, with the last three weeks, Oklahoma State almost allows 30 points a game. That's ridiculous considering how we've seen this defense play at times.

This one's definitely very interesting. James Washington, the big threat on the receiver depth chart, almost has better stats than LaQuon Treadwell and 24 less catches. If you remember, Washington was sort of M.I.A. through the first few weeks of the season. Imagine if that didn't happen.