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Big 12 Has to Win Bowl Games To Get Respect

Bowl season has not been kind to the Big 12 over the past couple of years. Can it be changed?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Bowl season hasn't been kind to the Big 12 over the past few years.

Let's look at some past records:

In the 2011 season, Oklahoma State beat Stanford in The Fiesta Bowl and the Big 12 had a good year, ending with a 6-2 bowl record, even though the Cowboys could have been in the championship game. However, the next season wasn't so great and the possible "downfall" began, when the conference would end 4-5 in the postseason.

In 2013, Oklahoma had a big win against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, but the Big 12 went 3-3 that season. Last season, which was worse?

Big 12 getting snubbed from The College Football Playoff or going 2-5 in bowl games? I say both. Last season was the first season with the new bowl arrangements. As we all know, SEC gets all of the love, but they were once in our shoes looking for respect. The past is behind us but the Big 12 will get another chance to improve upon its postseason success. However, how are they going to do it? First, though it kills me to type this, Oklahoma has to win against Clemson in the Orange Bowl. Second, Oklahoma State has to beat Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl. Lastly, all of the other bowl-eligible Big 12 teams need do their part. As of this point, the conference is 0-0 and will start on a fresh page tonight when Baylor takes on UNC. If the Big 12 shows success this season, it might not need to add that conference championship game, however, if they don't show up, then maybe it's time for a championship game, adding more teams or just keep fighting.