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CRFF Roundtable: What did we learn?

The 2015 regular season has come to an end. The CRFF staff shares what we've learned and what we will remember from this crazy year.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports
1) How good or bad is this team after we've seen 12 games.
2) What do we actually know now that we didn't know in August?
3) What was your favorite memory from this year?

Leave us your answers below.


1) They're pretty bad, but the Big 12 helped hide it. I can't tell if they won because of or in spite of the coaching. I guess they are what their record says they are, 10-2 and third in the Big 12. Better get a ring for that.

2) Our offense is fully trash. I hoped it was only partly trash. Also that Spencer is a Bill Young clone.

3) Easy, TCU. We looked ready to play and dominated a team not named Kansas.


1) Not as bad as we thought. Not as good as the record shows. This team could've easily had five losses, but ended the season with two. With losses on defense (Simmons, Bean) for the back half of the season and missing Rudolph for the second half of the Baylor (effectively) and OU games, it's hard to know if they'd be any better or those games would have a different result.

2) The depths that our running game went to and ended at. We all knew this line was going to be inferior and our running backs were unproven, but couple that with horrendous run play calling and continually calling plays that didn't facilitate a run game, that gave OSU a new low in the run department.

3) I want to say our 17 point comebacks, but the game against TCU was by far one of my TOP OSU football memories. Yelling 9-0 and the whole stadium going wild and coming together is one of those rare sports fan moments you remember for years.


1) This team is not elite. This team is good, not great. We clearly separated ourselves from the rest of the pack in the Big 12, but we are not one of the two best teams. Overachievers, perhaps, but can't say I'm disappointed too much.

2) A big question in the preseason was if Chris Carson was the real deal. He was not. Partly because we had no offensive line, but he was not the juco prize we thought he has.

3) TCU game was the best overall game of the year. We peaked our potential in that game, but couldn't continue that success the entire game. This season was a lot of fun, but it's not over yet. If we do go to the Alamo Bowl, I want Stanford or Oregon. I want to get our 11th win by earning it.


1) Good, but not great. How good? Better than at least six other teams in the Big 12...or maybe luckier.

2) Recruit running backs all you want. Unless you find the second coming of Barry Sanders, nobody is getting yards behind that offensive line.

3) Believe it or not, it was Iowa State. I'm not sure why I was so emotional, but I was. It was almost cathartic.

OkState Gents

1) I thought this team was very good for having a lack of an offensive line. What some people may see as winning with luck, you have to give the team credit for being in opportunities to win games and doing so. Would you rather see exciting finishes and wins that build resiliency, or the all too familiar "Poke Choke?" Granted, I'm not satisfied with knowing what could've came from this season entering BU 10-0 and even OU 10-1, but this was one season I had a blast watching and will always remember.

2) I didn't know just how effective the Walsh package was going to be. The guy was a monster in the red zone and converting short yardage first downs. Long live the general.

3) TCU. BPS was rooooockin' all night long. I'll never forget chanting 9-0 and how electric the stadium was.


1) They're a 10 win team. Another good season under Gundy. It just stings because the regular season ended the way it did. If you had told me this team would go 10-2 back in week three, I would have been ecstatic. Still, an inconsistent defense and lack of any type of run game limited their potential.

2) We know that Chris Carson is not a superstar. Maybe he could be with a better o-line. I don't know. But until the line gets better, they will not be able to contend for a title in this league, or any other for that matter. Can it get better? I surely hope so. We also learned that it won't happen in one year.

3) I'm going to have to agree with most people and say the TCU game. I went from cautiously optimistic to swimming inthe orange sugar water. But alas, it was only a setup for my hopes to come crashing down to earth.