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Cowboy Football Christmas Wish List

All we want for Christmas is a run game!

A healthy Mason Rudolph is on the Wish List.
A healthy Mason Rudolph is on the Wish List.
Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

1. Emmanuel Ogbah back for his Senior year - Hey, it's a wish list right? You always go for the home run right off the bat and this would be the home run for Oklahoma State football. This defense will be solid next year despite losing Ogbah, Peterson and Simmons (we saw Whitener could fill in nicely) but if you could top it off with the return of a first round defensive end, well, that would be nice.

If Ogbah returns:


2. No extra year of eligibility for J.W - I know, I'm the anti-Cowboy; I'm speaking blasphemy; I should be ashamed of ever thinking such a thing. But, here's the deal... It's time to let Mason Rudolph truly spread his wings. If J.W. returns, he will continue to be looked upon to lead. In turn leaving Mason to follow. If this team is going to take a step forward it will have to be behind the coming of age leadership of Mason Rudolph. If this team is to take the next step and win a Big 12 Championship it will be behind the arm of Mason Rudolph. In my opinion, if Walsh returns, Rudolph doesn't grow. We need to see what happens when it's all on Rudolph, and if we wait till his senior season I think we will have failed to get the most out of him. Trust me, I know what Walsh has done for this program. We likely have two more losses this season. J.W. wears his heart on his sleeve and leaves everything out there, he will always be one of the all time Cowboys. Here's my wish - he's back next year as a graduate assistant.

Fans when reading "No Extra Year for J.W."....


3. Healthy Returns - If Rudolph isn't truly healthy for the Bowl game, sit him. I'm talking not 100 percent - sit him. This extends to next year. The Pokes we're really lucky when it came to the injury bug this season. The off-season injury can kill a season before it gets going. The emergence of Vincent Taylor and true freshman Darrion Daniels helped off-set the loss of Vili Leveni at defensive tackle, and his return will be an added luxury this coming season. An injury-less bowl game, spring and off-season could help set the stage for a special 2016.

The Pokes will need a healthy Rudolph to lead the sleigh in 2016... (you knew it was coming)


4. Spencer/Yurcich Stay - Continuity. This "organization" would benefit from continuity on the staff. This team was one of the youngest in the nation and they over-achieved a little bit this year. Keeping the coaching staff intact would make for a seamless transition into 2016. There wouldn't be a new system install to slow anything down. Instead Yurcich and Spencer could add wrinkles to their systems and we come rolling out of the gates. This wish extends to the position coaches.

5. Ground Gains - It was well documented how bad the running game was. No need to re-hash that. But instead, let's wish that the continuity on the offensive line bears fruit in the 2016 season. The coaching staff has added the commitments of four offensive linemen in the coming class and are hot on the trails for at least one more. There were good things written about freshman Johnny Wilson in the off-season and pre-season workouts so let's hope he can add some needed quality depth. The addition of Justice Hill to the backfield should add some fire-power as well.

The 2015 Oklahoma State running game...


If Santa is Feeling Generous:

Texas beats Baylor Saturday. This and the Cowboys find themselves in the Sugar Bowl - A Christmas Miracle!