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Mailbag With Okstate Gents - Stupid Questions Do Exist?

Chelf belongs in heaven.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
It's the end of the season and all you've heard from Okstate Gents is a roundtable here and there. So I let him answer a few mailbag questions. Ask more in the comments.

Pick one

Okstate Gents - We? Since you and me haven't discussed this, I don't know if I can speak on behalf of us. Is there a none of the above option though? Find me new blood. Actually, do you want to come coach?

Gerald - I have to say probably Wickline. But only if we can erase the past two years. But a new coach all together would work too.

I wish

Okstate Gents - It's as possible as me having a Limey race at the end of the night and not blacking out. So very unlikely.

I'm not even sure this is a question

Okstate Gents - The Clint Chelf? Has a special spot reserved next to Moses probably. He set my people free.

Gerald - I used to think there was no such thing as a stupid question. But then I read this.

What is love? Baby don't hurt me

Okstate Gents - What is love? What type of love? How strong do I love them? This is all too fast. I haven't gotten a chance to yell at either in person so it's more of long distance social media relationship where I gripe and they never know and go on with their lives probably. But to answer your question, lol.

Gerald - I love lamp.

I think you mispelled something

Okstate Gents - Mike didn't mention it to me when we were having mimosas and omelets during our usual Sunday brunch. I'll ask the orange facturd.

Gerald - Wouldn't be surprised to see Yurcich gone or even a position coach or two.

The question everyone's asking.

Okstate Gents - I don't even go to school here how would I know? (Kidding)
Gerald - Because cheering for a team called the Cowboys means you have to be realistic but unrealistic at the same time.