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CRFF Roundtable: Sugar Bowl Edition

The CRFF staff gives our predictions for New Year's Day and insight on the QB situation.

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1) Is Coach Gundy just playing it close to the vest or is there really a concern Rudolph won't play in the Sugar Bowl?
2) Your prediction for the Sugar Bowl with AND without Rudolph.
3) Who is your non-QB X-factor for the Bowl? Offense and Defense?

Share your answers in the comment section below.


1) Gundy is full of shit about Rudolph. He'll take no chances. Walsh gets to lead the Cowboys one last time...or Rudolph starts and plays the whole game. I know this...whatever Gundy is saying, that's NOT what will happen.

2) I have this weird feeling that OSU will light up Ole Miss regardless.

3) Offense...Raymond Taylor (I'd pick Washington, but that would be too obvious). Defense...Ogbah goes out with a big bang.


1) I don't want Rudolph to do anything he isn't capable of. In Gundy's professional opinion, if it's best for Walsh to take over half the snaps, let Walsh take half the snaps. Gundy usually irritates me with his conservative play calling, but I'm okay with playing it safe on this one.

2) With Rudolph we win 41-31, without Rudolph we win 38-34. I really like our chances with or without QB1. I think we're all overestimating Ole Miss.

3) Whoever starts at quarterback will rely on Marcell Ateman. James Washington will get to run his deep routes, but Ateman has the ability to go up and catch anything. He's a huge safety blanket for both quarterbacks. Defensively I'm going to go with Ogbah. He'll be going up against the projected number one overall pick left tackle,  so that should be a fun matchup to watch all game. Also Peterson vs Treadwell. This game has some huge matchups and should draw plenty of NFL scouts.


1) I think the chances of Rudolph playing are about 50/50 right now. I think Gundy has been telling the truth when it comes to his rehab and JW's increased role. Either way I bet JW plays a good deal.

2) Without Rudolph, I say Ole Miss 38-27. With Rudolph, and I mean a healthy Rudolph and not the one we saw for one series in Bedlam, OSU has a good shot at winning. Just for the heck of it, let's say Pokes win 35-31.

3) Biggest X factor on Offense is David Glidden. He hasn't had a big game in a while, right? You make a struggling secondary cover Washington and Glidden and everyone else, that's quite a task they've got on their hands. On defense, I'd have to say the secondary, but if I have to be specific let's go with the senior Kevin Peterson. The Rebs have two 1,000 yard receivers in Adeboyejo and Treadwell, so OSU better do a good job in coverage. If Peterson gets a pick or two that wouldn't hurt either.


1) I think there's a concern but he'll play.

2) With Rudolph they win. Without? Well, dang that game is going to be ugly.

3) James Washington and Emmanuel Ogbah

Kyle Cox

1) It seems like they may be just playing it safe with Mason but Gundy is not afraid to try and throw out some misinformation. How much it actually affects a team with a month to prepare, I'm not sure.

2) If Rudolph is healthy and able to be effective I think the Pokes win by double digits. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 42-31. Without him, I think they may struggle. Walsh has been really good as the change of pace option. When OSU can sling it down the field and he comes in to aid the run game, he's very effective. If Ole Miss figures out that the deep threat is diminished, they could make it really tough on our o-line. Put the game in those hands and my confidence level starts to drop.

3) Blake Jarwin/Jeremy Seaton and Vincent Taylor. I think the return of the Cowboy backs will restore a lot that was missing in pass protection over the last two games. Vincent Taylor needs to continue to show why he earned the starting spot and plug up that hole up front and turn Ole Miss into a more one-dimensional attack.