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Is Mason Rudolph Fine?

Gundy likes to keep secrets, even if he's not very good at it.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Bedlam game on November 28, whether Mason Rudolph plays or not has been a hot topic among Oklahoma State fans. Coach Mike Gundy said a few weeks ago that Rudolph would be ready but then not long ago mentioned that he and Walsh will split the game about 50/50.

Today, Sam Gannon of KOKH FOX 25 put this video up of Rudolph practicing, where he actually looks just fine.

Gundy has been known to hide the truth from the media before, doing so before the Bedlam game saying that Rudolph should be fine for that game, but he wasn't. No. 2 had surgery the Monday after the loss to OU and if he's recovered fully in only four weeks, that would be a big help to the Cowboys who haven't looked the same since playing Iowa State over a month ago.