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Ole Miss Offensive Preview: Bo Kelly? Chad Wallace?

Ole Miss is an opponent that should be respected, but there is one variable that could be disastrous for the Rebs and beneficial to the Pokes. Chad Kelly.

Chad Kelly can be the best and worst of quarterbacks in the SEC.
Chad Kelly can be the best and worst of quarterbacks in the SEC.
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Clash of The Titans:

If you want a great match up in this game then look no further than the two top-15 draft picks that will be duking it out in the trenches. Ole Miss tackle Laremy Tunsil, who could very well be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, will go against his Cowboy counterpart, defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah. Ogbah has been great in the Big 12, but it will be intriguing to see how he fares against talent that he will be more likely to face on Sundays. Those 16 sacks may have a lot less meaning after this Sugar Bowl if Tunsil is as good as billed against "E-Man." As I prefaced it in the tease, the biggest key to this game is the play at the quarterback position. That'll be taken care of below. But one thing remains, if Ogbah meets Chad Kelly multiple times in the backfield, then the Cowboys will have a chance. It will take a better performance than say..... Bedlam, but I'm not breaking any news here.

Jekyll and Hyde:

Let's get to our rap star quarterback. Yes, Chad Kelly. The nephew of a Super Bowl quarterback, and a guy that made me think that Bo Wallace never left Ole Miss. He's more talented than his predecessor for sure but some of those hot-and-cold tendencies still remain. He's good for at least one interception a game but that may not be the only one. These errors seem to compound themselves at times for the Rebel rapper. Four of the seven games that Kelly threw an interception, he threw more than one. Only once has he thrown three picks. That was against Texas A&M. Kelly has plenty of length at his disposal for receiving options. There is one Reb receiver that is a bit of a sore spot for Oklahoma State fans, but even beyond him, Quincy Adeboyejo and Markell Pack are fast and long enough to be home run threats for the Rebel Black Bears.

The One That Got Away:

Laquon Treadwell. I remember his national signing day announcement. OSU seemed to be in a good position to bring in the next great receiver for the program to evolve, That of course did not happen. He went to Ole Miss. I don't hold that against him. Treadwell has had a great career as a Rebel and of course will be Chad Kelly's main target. If Kevin Peterson can even slightly limit the effect Treadwell has on this Sugar Bowl, then the Cowboys can place themselves in a position to win the game. This game will have plenty of NFL talent but Treadwell is easily the most explosive of all the group. Eight touchdowns this season will probably grow to double digits after this game.