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Final Big 12 Bowl Projections

Thanks Texas! We are NOLA bound!

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Do you believe in Christmas miracles? Well, you should now, Texas upset Baylor to give the Cowboys the second place spot in the Big 12. Oklahoma will likely go to the playoffs, giving Oklahoma State the Sugar Bowl bid. Here are the projections for the rest of the Big 12:

1. Oklahoma (11-1): Won the Big 12 last week and should be picked as a playoff participant, but who will they play and where? It looks like the Orange Bowl against number one Clemson or the Cotton Bowl against number two Alabama. Either way, Oklahoma has played both of these teams recently, and it will be an interesting rematch no matter the opponent.  Projection: Orange Bowl against Clemson

2. Oklahoma State (10-2): NOLA BOUND!!! Same scenario as Oklahoma, without the playoff picture. If Oklahoma gets in (most likely), Oklahoma State will fill the Big 12 spot because as the second best team in the conference. Based on the projections, we will most likely play Ole Miss on New Years Day.

3. TCU (10-2): With the two way tie-breaker, Oklahoma State gets the number two spot based off the head-to-head result, and TCU falls to third place. TCU looks destined to be Alamo bowl bound in San Antonio against Oregon or USC. Despite the injuries, they finished strong with the victory against Baylor. The Alamo Bowl would be good for both fans traveling and recruiting. Projection: Alamo Bowl against Oregon

4. Baylor (9-3): Congrats Baylor, you blew it! You had one job and that was to beat Baylor and claim another big-time bowl berth, but things didn't end that way after losing to a bad Texas team. The most likely bowl destination will be the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando, and will probably be against North Carolina. Projection: Russell Athletic Bowl against North Carolina

5. Texas Tech (7-5): Ending the season with a win at Texas (first time since 2008) helps improve the bowl resume. Tech is most likely going to be the Texas Bowl in Houston against LSU or Texas A&M. An old Big 12 rematch against the Aggies would be  a fun game to watch. Projection Texas Bowl against Texas A.M.

6. West Virginia (7-5): The winning streak ended for the Mountaineers as they lost to Kansas State and giving them their bowl eligibility win. WVU looks to be headed to the Cactus Bowl against Washington.

7. Kansas State (6-6): Welcome to the party Wildcats! You got your win and it's likely given you a trip to the Liberty Bowl.

The only bowl left that the Big 12 will not fill is The Heart of Dallas bowl.