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Pokes lose to Missouri State...It's going to be a long season

Well that was terrible

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Because a home loss to Tulsa wasn’t bad enough, the Cowboys decided to one up Wednesday’s performance.

Jawun Evans and Jeff Newberry both had 15 points, but Oklahoma State dropped a bad one to Missouri State 64-63. Missouri State, who came in 1-5, now boasts wins over the Cowboys and NAIA school William Woods. With seven seconds left and the ball down by one, Joe Burton threw up a three that missed rim and the Pokes fell to 5-3. It begs the question, why was Burton shooting a three down by one? It’s clear the Pokes are severely missing Phil Forte and Tavarius Shine, but there’s no excuse for this. Evans and Newberry are playing some really good basketball right now, but it’s clear the Pokes lack of depth is really becoming a factor.

For those of you who still care, yes all five of you, the Cowboys travel to South Dakota to take on Minnesota. Let’s look on the bright side, the Cowgirls are 7-0.