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Big 12 Power Rankings - One Final Time

There'll be one more ranking, after bowl games, but this is the last of the regular season.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

1) Oklahoma

They've been playing lights-out since losing to Texas. The Sooners are the first Big 12 team to make the playoff but there are a few little smudges on their resume. Obviously the loss to the Longhorns but also playing TCU, Baylor and Oklahoma State all on backup quarterbacks. However, that shouldn't take away from the things Baker Mayfield has done this year.

2A) Oklahoma State

Honestly, the Cowboys could be at No. 3, but they own the tiebreaker over TCU so I'm leaving them here. The news that came out this weekend saying Mason Rudolph should be ready to play is great news for the Pokes who got a preview of what it's like without Rudolph when Walsh started Bedlam.


After losing to OSU in Stillwater and barely losing to OU, TCU was able to squeak by Baylor to finish the season with 10 wins. That's quite the accomplishment considering the laundry list that is the injury report in Ft. Worth. TCU will play Oregon in its bowl game, which could be very fun to watch.

3) Baylor

The Bears don't have the long list of injured players TCU has but it's had to deal with its own set of adversity at the most important position. Depending on who, or what, the Bears decide to go with at quarterback, their bowl game is against UNC and should be an interesting one. However, it could also be an embarrassment and result in a third-straight bowl loss for the Bears. They have a while to prepare to make sure that doesn't happen.

4) Texas Tech

Let's be real, if this team had a defense at all, it'd be fun to watch. This team is fun to watch on the offensive side, though, so the game against  LSU could be good. It's definitely nice to see this Tech team matched up against a LSU team that is really strong on the ground. Could Tech take down two SEC teams in a year?

5) West Virginia

A bowl game against Arizona State could be fun. This team has had me confused for the better part of this year. Are they the one that couldn't touch OU or the one that took OSU to overtime?

6) Kansas State

Still confused they made a bowl after that pretty bad streak of games in which it was blanked and only scored nine points in the next game, against Texas. They play Arkansas in their bowl game, so it's essentially going to be 90 percent run plays.

7) Iowa State

This team is better than Texas, they probably could've found a way into a bowl had they not made the offensive coordinator change earlier in the season. Not saying they are a six-win team next year but the decent hire and pretty good quarterback they have could mean ISU wins a few more "shockers" tomorrow.

8) Texas

The Longhorns literally tried to give the game to a Baylor team that was playing a receiver who barely threw the ball five yards past the line of scrimmage. However, their win put the Pokes in the Super Bowl. Texas only found a way to beat Baylor and Oklahoma in one year.

9) Kansas

It's over. It's finally over.