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Oklahome State Quarterback Wins Award

Well, that was a miss.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

I guarantee that at least once this next few weeks one announcer, fan, player, someone will call Oklahoma State the Sooners or OU. It's a fact of life and something that accidentally happens all the time at times.

However, I didn't think this would ever happen. Oklahoma (Oklahome?) "State" quarterback Baker Mayfield won the Burlsworth Trophy today, awarded to the best player who begun their career as a walk-on. The Burlsworth team sent out this picture in a tweet.

It's honestly a little confusing and worrisome that someone could work on these and not only get the wrong school by adding an extra word but also spelling a state name wrong. After all that, someone didn't think to check it over before sending it out. It's almost as bad as the whole "Texsa" thing from a few years ago.