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Big 12 Non-Conference Schedule Now Requiring Something New

It's about time

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The Big 12 gets a lot of trash for its non-conference schedule and the lack of a conference championship game. The conference has now announced that at least half of that will be changing.

The conference will now require at least one non-conference game against a power five opponent (SEC, ACC, BIG 10, Pac-12) or even Notre Dame. Here's what the official release had to say.

"Schedule strength is a key component in CFP Selection Committee deliberations," commented Commissioner Bob Bowlsby. "This move will strengthen the resumes for all Big 12 teams. Coupled with the nine-game full round robin Conference schedule our teams play, it will not only benefit the teams at the top of our standings each season, but will impact the overall strength of the Conference."

It also says that a team can't play against more than one FCS opponent, so no more boring Baylor games and it's looking like Kansas may only have one chance to win next year.

For OSU, the Cowboys have at least one on the schedule each year except until 2020, except for 2018 where they're slotted to play Central Michigan, South Alabama and Boise State. Although Boise State is a nice program to play, they're still in the Mountain West.

Here's a look thanks to

Oklahoma State Future Non-Conference Opponents - 2015+
2015 2016
2017 2018
2019 2020
2021 2022
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