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Super Bowl XLIX: Patriots vs. Seahawks

The biggest football game in the world is here once again. Let's party.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's that magical time of year where it's ok to eat your weight in wings and salsa, all while enjoying your favorite beverage. It's the 49th edition of the Super Bowl! This year, Russell Wilson and his all-star cast (which includes a couple of former Pokes) try for a repeat title as they take on the deflated Tom Brady and the Patriots. See what I did there? Get it? Ok, I'll stop.

We here at CRFF want to give you a place where we can all step away from the dumpster fire that is basketball and revel in the beauty of the world's most-watched game. We'll also get to cheer for a few of our own, unless you're a Pats fan. Then I totally understand.

Have a few thoughts about the Seattle defense? Think the New England tight ends are elite? Can Katy Perry top Beyonce? Join us in the comments as we celebrate America's Sunday Funday!