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Markelle Martin A Cowboy Once Again?

It looks like Head Football Coach Mike Gundy may have added a former Oklahoma State star to his staff!

Well, this is interesting. While we don't have any specifics, Markelle Martin made a curious change to his Facebook profile, and it looks like he's returned to Stillwater and joined Coach Gundy's staff.

Markelle also seems to be confirming the news via Twitter.

Oklahoma State hasn't released any official word on what Martin's relationship is with the team, but in another tweet by Markelle that's since been deleted, It appeared he would be working with the recruiting department.

He's already giving recruits looking to get noticed some advice too...

Markelle was part of the magical 2011 season that earned OSU their first outright Big 12 Championship, and was later drafted by the Tennessee Titans as a sixth round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Unfortunately injuries kept kept Martin on the sidelines before he could do much damage in the NFL.

More recently Martin has been drawn to coaching a has been running his No Fly Zone football camp. Markelle exemplifies what it means to be a Cowboy, and if his return can be believed, it's yet another reason to start counting down the days until football returns to Boone Pickens Stadium!