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Dallas Cowboys Looking To Franchise Dez Bryant?

The Dallas Morning News is reporting the Dallas Cowboys could be leaning towards giving Dez Bryant the franchise tag.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Morning News published today that the Dallas Cowboys are leaning towards giving Dez Bryant the franchise tag. While they acknowledge nothing is set in stone, the Dallas Cowboys very hands on Owner, Jerry Jones, gave a rather interesting quote.

"Right now all things being equal, it's leaning more Dez with the franchise than it is not," Jones said per the article. "But that doesn't mean it will stay that way."

NFL teams have one franchise tag available per year. They are generally used to keep high profile talent around for another season without exceeding the salary cap penalty. The team can then turn to the draft or free agency to bring in more talent.

Dez is currently an independent free agent, and by applying the franchise tag it would bind Bryant to the Cowboys for another season.  Something Bryant has already said he would be disappointed with if that were the case. However, the tag could also be used to buy more time in order to work out a new contract. It's no secret that Dez wants to stay in Dallas, but the Cowboys are reluctant to give the lengthy contract Dez is looking for.

Dez wasn't shy about how he felt about the subject today on social media either...

The Cowboys have a decision to make, and not just whether or not to use the tag, but also who to use it on. Running back DeMarco Murray has been an absolute beast in the backfield, and he's also an unrestricted free agent.

With backup running back, and former Oklahoma State star, Joe Randle finding it difficult to stay out of trouble the Cowboys may feel the pressure to keep their star RB in Dallas.