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Recruiting: 108 Touchdowns, and ZERO FBS Offers?

Despite putting up huge numbers and leading his team to a state championship, senior Rio Rancho QB Easton Bruere has yet to receive a single offer from any Division 1 FBS school.

Easton Bruere is too talented not to get an offer from the Pokes
Easton Bruere is too talented not to get an offer from the Pokes
Albuquerque Journal

Easton Bruere is a 6'3", 200 pound quarterback from Rio Rancho, NM. He just finished an undefeated season where he led his team to a 6-A state championship, New Mexico's highest classification. According to he has thrown for over 10,000 yards and 108 touchdowns in his accolade heavy career. National signing day is next week, so why doesn't Easton have any offers to choose from?

Easton has received an absurd amount of recruiting mail from a variety of universities, including Oklahoma State University. His father indicated to Bleacher Report that he was excited for the mail at first, but now does not open the letters because he knows there is nothing of substance in the envelope.

Even though Oklahoma State seems to have the quarterback situation settled for at least the next 2 years with Mason Rudolph slinging the ball around the Boone, you can never have too much depth at that position. So I ask Mike Gundy, why not? As a senior, Easton threw for 49 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions and has beaten out many of the top players in New Mexico on the way to the top. So with Easton being 6’3", 200 pounds, and putting up crazy numbers against the best players in his state, what is holding Mike Gundy and every division 1 coach back?

Easton has been to camps with power 5 coaches there, who all relay the message that his is a division 1 quarterback, so it is not a lack of exposure. Could it be an off the field issue? Well, he has never been in any notable off the field trouble, and has maintained a 4.0 GPA during this school year.

Now it is easy for me to say such a thing, but I would offer him if I were Mike Gundy. With less than a week to go until signing day, you would be his only offer, and there doesn’t seem to be a real reason to NOT offer him, all but guaranteeing an extra QB in the 2015 class. The worst case scenario in this situation is that he is a career backup who eats up one of a million scholarships. What is the best case scenario if Oklahoma State was to offer Bruere, is that he redshirts freshman year, then gets 2 years as a high level starter who lives up to his high school stats. A big time program like Oklahoma State should be able to recruit enough depth to warrant taking a risk on this kid, who seems to have an impeccable record. Offering Bruere would be the most Mike Gundy thing ever. I can see it now, Gundy takes the kid no one wanted and turns him into a monster. Gundy has this odd knack of finding guys that aren’t ESPN 300 players, but still are productive at the next level, and Bruere seems like a good contender for that.

Bruere has improved statistically every year since taking over the reigns as the QB as a sophomore. As a sophomore Bruere threw for a measly 29 touchdowns and an astronomically high 10 interceptions. Then in his junior year, he only threw for 30 touchdowns in New Mexico’s highest classification for high schools. Though his team won a state championship senior year, he could only muster up 49 touchdowns and was disappointing by throwing 6 interceptions. The yardage he threw for this past season was even more disappointing, only 4,567 yards, and completed 75% of his passes. Clearly this kid shouldn’t have a single offer with a less than a week until signing day. *Wipes dripping sarcasm off of face*

Realistically, Bruere won’t end up in Stillwater, and it is not likely to matter down the line, unless this kid blows up in college, if he gets to play division 1 after all. Hopefully Easton Bruere ends up at a D-1 school, because it would be a good story, and someone who throws for 10,000 yards and 108 touchdowns and does not have any measurable issues, deserves a chance.

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