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Oklahoma State Recruiting: Jeff Carr Film Analysis

Mike Gundy and his are reveling in the pressures of the final days of the 2015 recruiting window. Jeff Carr is the newest addition to the 2015 class, and Cowboy fans should hope he isn't the last.

Jeff Carr provides needed depth at the running back position for the Cowboys
Jeff Carr provides needed depth at the running back position for the Cowboys

Strengths: Vision, Moves in Open Field, Slippery

Weaknesses: Too Much "Dancing", Strictly Spread Back, Size

Oklahoma State desperately needed a running back prospect to join the 2015 class, and Mike Gundy got at least the team's first, and definitely not the last. Jeff Carr is a player that will be acclimated to top-flight competition. At Temple High School in Texas, Carr played in Texas 5A, the second largest classification in the state. Safe to say that Carr has played against plenty of Division 1 talent in his time in Temple. Carr is a spread back, and there is no hiding that. Trying to run him in between the tackles will be a tough task. Carr has a tendency to "dance" in the backfield and not move vertically when running inside. Big 12 defenses will eat that up, as Cowboy fans saw with Tyreek Hill doing the same thing in 2014. Hill could get away with it though, due to his world-class speed. Carr does have solid vision and awareness in the open field. Out in the open, Carr was hard to take down in high school, for he had a plethora of moves to keep defenders reaching and Carr slipping away. Carr is on the small side, which again, will bring to mind the size of Hill in 2014, but Carr does not possess world-class speed. Injuries could be an issue if Mike Yurcich continues to call for smaller backs to plunge in between the tackles.

Projection: With the issue of depth at the running back position in 2015, Carr's likely redshirt will hang in the balance. If the core is healthy, Carr can be held back for a year to learn the playbook and be ahead of the curve in 2016 as one of the Cowboys feature backs. Carr possesses plenty of talent but the issue of "dancing" in the backfield is something that will cause his career to stall if not careful. Carr will need to put on some weight too, which he will as fans have seen with the smaller backs in the past. Carr's impact will likely be felt in 2016 and maybe even 2017. Not a bad problem to have.