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Oklahoma State Baseball Beats Missouri State

The Oklahoma State Cowboys hosted the Missouri State Bears in its first home game of the 2015 season.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Home sweet home.

That's how the Oklahoma State baseball team felt Wednesday night as it beat the Missouri State Bears 7-2 in the 2015 home opener for its fourth game in a row.

"It was awesome to come home," OSU coach Holliday said. "Great game, great crowd, field looked wonderful and it was a good game. We played a good opponent that played well and that's kind of how you envision it. But it was awesome to be back at home and appreciate everybody that came out to support us."

The Cowboys (5-3) opened up scoring in Allie P. Reynolds stadium for the 2015 season with a single by catcher Bryan Case in the second inning to bring home teammate David Petrino.

The Cowboys would never relinquish the lead but it the Bears (4-2) kept it close with an outstanding performance from its starting pitcher.

That still wasn't enough.

When the Bears decided it was time to change pitchers in the fifth inning, the Cowboys decided it was time to expose the bullpen.

"We took advantage of a couple of their mistakes and in the end we kind of outlasted them," coach Holliday said. "But our pitching was so good, it allowed us to play comfortably in a 1-0 game and kind of work our way into a rally situation."

The Cowboys were also without starting infielder Donnie Walton, who had surgery recently on his right wrist and will have to miss a few weeks.

In Walton's spot was freshman Jacob Chappell, who got to see his first start in Stillwater, something he's been dreaming of.

"It was good, I miss the weather in Arizona," Chappell said. "It was fun to play in front of the home crowd for the first time. Something I've dreamed of, just playing here at Oklahoma State, it's a dream come true to just come out here and play baseball."

Although Chappell didn't show all of his potential Wednesday night, he said the team is still accepting him and it has really helped him adjust to the college level.

"Coming into such a place that's just so supportive in everything you do and the players have just brought me under their wing and just being a friend to you," Chappell said. "Not worrying about where you come from or how you play or anything of that nature, just being there for you and just picking you up when you're down and just letting you be who you are."

One of the players helping Chappell on his transition to division one college baseball is second baseman Tim Arakawa, who said he has noticed a difference in Chappell.

"Chap, as a freshman just stepped up big time," said Arakawa. "You can just see it, game after game he's just getting more comfortable, making plays, just having better at bats, grinding it out. It's awesome, he's just growing up fast."

The win extends the Cowboys winning streak to four games after losing the first two of three to the Arizona State Sun Devils in the first series.

The Cowboys were supposed to continue its home stand but due to inclement weather in the forecast for Stillwater, it will travel to Auburn, Alabama, on Friday. The team will play its three-game series against Western Illinois and an additional game against Auburn.