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Oklahoma State Recruiting: Chris Carson Film Analysis

The closer National Signing Day approaches, the better the recruiting class for Oklahoma State has gotten. Chris Carson is the newest addition to the 2015 class and Carson will be a name Cowboy fans will hear right away.

Chris Carson will bring immediate impact to the Cowboy backfield.
Chris Carson will bring immediate impact to the Cowboy backfield.

Strengths: Strong, Vision, Glimpses of Breakaway Speed

Weaknesses: Runs Upright

Desperation had set in for the coaching staff at Oklahoma State. A running back that could play immediately was of the utmost priority and Mike Gundy and company got their man. Chris Carson is a Georgia flip, and it is obvious that he is eexpected to be Rennie Childs wingman in 2015. Carson is a mature runner, who uses vision and strength to create openings in between the tackles. The duo of Carson and Childs could be a good one for the young quarterback Mason Rudolph, while he still gets more experience under his already successful reign. Carson also shows glimpses of "home run" ability with second level speed. A runner with size and breakaway ability hasn't been in the Cowboy backfield since Joseph Randle last carried the ball for the Pokes. One issue that Carson has is his tendency to run upright and not use a lower center of gravity. This is an issue for many running backs over 6-feet tall. Carson already possesses a significant amount of strength, and running with a lower center will only make him harder to bring down.

Projection: Carson will play in 2015. There is not doubt in that statement. Will he overtake Rennie Childs as the lead back? Only time will tell, but it appears that talent wise, head-to-head, Childs will be the man at the top of the depth chart come August. Carson will see plenty of carries and will defuse any further concern with the running back position at Oklahoma State.