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OG Vaimoe Sekona signs with Oklahoma State

3-Star offensive guard Vaimoe Sekona has signed his letter of intent to play for the Cowboys.

Vaimoe Sekona is a Cowboy
Vaimoe Sekona is a Cowboy

Vaimoe Sekona out of Encino, CA is officially a Cowboy after signing his letter of intent today. Sekona has been committed to OSU since October, and is the only prospect for the Pokes from the west coast.

Vaimoe is listed as the #37 Offensive Guard according to ESPN. Sekona played on the offensive line and defensive line for Crespi Carmelite High School, showing off his diversity as a solid football player. Although he was recruited by some schools to play defense, he ultimately chose OSU with an understanding that former Coach Connelly wanted to play him at offensive guard.

Sekona held offers from Hawaii, Miami, Oregon State, San Diego State, Texas Tech, USC and Washington State.

Here is ESPN's take on Vaimoe,


Possesses good overall size at this stage with very good height with room to still add some good mass to his frame. Flashes very good playing strength.

Pass Protection

Displays adequate initial quickness and the ability to control and stay in front of rushers in short area when he gets locked on and keeps his pads down. Does need to watch pad level as he can set too high at times. Doesn't display a powerful punch but can get hands on with good placement. Can lunge and get top heavy at times. With good size and strength displays an adequate anchor even though doesn't sink particular well.

Run Blocking

Flashes ability to come off with pad level, deliver a good pop, drive his legs and generate some push, but doesn't consistently roll hips and can set into defenders at times and struggle to create the push he is capable of. Displays good pull/trap ability and can use angles well to get a hat on second level defenders at times with crushing results.

Bottom Line

Sekona is a big man that could garner some interest on either side of the ball. Also plays on the D-Line and depending on scheme and need could potentially land on that side of the ball. Overall, we feel his best fit is on offense. Possesses good size and some tools to work with to develop into a productive starter.

Sekona joins a large group of players in the class that are slated to play on the offensive line, which includes Johnny Wilson, Deya Mhieson, Matt Kellerman, Brandon Pertile, and Transfer Victor Salako. I would expect Sekona to redshirt next season and be available in 2016.

Check out Sekona's highlights from Hudl