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Joseph Randle Arrested ...Again

Former Oklahoma State star running back, Joseph Randle, just can't stay out of trouble lately.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Today has been a great day for the future of Oklahoma State football, but a player from the past is finding himself in a little hot water this morning. Reports are coming out of Wichita, KS that Cowboy to the Cowboys running back star, Joseph Randle, was arrested this morning after police responded to a domestic violence call.

Randle and, a 22-year-old woman whom he has a child with, were allegedly arguing in a hotel room. Marijuana was reportedly found in the room, and Randle was arrested on a misdemeanor drug charge.

If you will remember, Randle was just recently in trouble with the law back in October when he was arrested for shoplifting underwear and cologne from a Dillard's department store.

There's no word yet on how, or if, the Dallas Cowboys will respond to this latest incident. Randle received an underwear endorsement for his past transgression, but something tells me consequences this time will be a little more serious. Even though the charge is misdemeanor, the NFL has been cracking down on it's substance abuse policy.

We'll have an update later as more information becomes available.

Quick Update:

James Espinoza, a Lieutenant with the Wichita Police Department, spoke with the media.

"The call came in with disturbance of a weapon, there were no injuries to the female," said Espinoza via "It is considered an arrest because of the small amount of marijuana found in the room, officers have the discretionary to cite and give a court date which was due in this situation."

Update #2:

There is some confusion around whether or not Randle was 'arrested' at the scene. Let's clear that up. It was considered an arrest due to the charge, however Randle only received a citation. He was not taken to jail. Which means just one thing, there won't be another awkward booking video. No word yet on whether or not his dad will be calling into a radio station to defend Randle's actions.