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Oklahoma State Recruiting: John Kolar Film Analysis

The quarterback position at Oklahoma State was a tough pill to swallow for the majority of the 2014 season. Now, Mason Rudolph will be the man and has three years to hold the reigns. John Kolar presents a look in the future, post-Rudolph.

Kolar will likely redshirt in 2015. His ability should qualm any concerns for the future.
Kolar will likely redshirt in 2015. His ability should qualm any concerns for the future.

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Strengths: Arm Strength, Mobility, Accuracy

Weaknesses: Floats a Few Passes

For the next three years, the quarterback position at Oklahoma State will be Mason Rudolph's to lose. Who will be the man though to take over, once the Rudolph era is completed? That player is named John Kolar. Kolar is a local product (Norman North), and is one that Mike Gundy is excited about. Kolar possesses a strong arm, that can also be precisely accurate. That doesn't make Kolar strictly a pocket passer though. What makes Kolar such a great fit for a Mike Gundy offense is that Kolar can make all the throws, but can also be mobile and run the read option when called upon. This is what Gundy and his staff hoped for in JW Walsh, but Walsh's arm was not up to the level that Kolar will now be bringing to the table. Kolar can rainbow a few passes, but it is not a longstanding issue, so it shouldn't be too much of a concern early on. Kolar was also a spring-enrollee, which means Kolar will be taking part in all spring practices. All the more experience for the future of the quarterback position.

Projection: Kolar will be a redshirt player next season, so don't expect his number to be called at all. In 2016, he should be tabbed as the backup to Mason Rudolph, so injury or poor play could thrust Kolar into the spotlight. With Rudolph's current level of play, as long as he stays healthy, fans shouldn't expect to see Kolar until his redshirt junior season in 2018. A long way out but likely comforting to the Cowboy faithful.