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Oklahoma State Recruiting: Bryce Balous Film Analysis

One of the positions of priority in 2015 for the Oklahoma State recruiting class was the safety position. Bryce Balous brings much more to the table than just playing safety. He brings elite speed.

Bryce Balous could be a special teams playmaker for the Cowboys
Bryce Balous could be a special teams playmaker for the Cowboys

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Strengths: Speed, Great Tackler

Weaknesses: Undersized for Role, Pass Coverage

Bryce Balous is the newest player with elite speed at Oklahoma State, which is a welcomed addition after the loss of the fastest player in the Big 12, Tyreek Hill. Balous is a excellent tackler. From a fundamental standpoint, there isn't a better example of tackling. That is why Balous will also be a solid run support safety for the future. For a strictly run support safety, Balous is a bit undersized. If he can acquire more skills as a pass coverage man, Balous' stock as a future playmaker only rises.

Projection: If Bryce Balous is going to be a contributor early on in his college career, it will be from a special teams perspective. Balous may be the one person in the program that could benefit from the loss of Tyreek Hill. Hill was the premier return man in the Big 12 last season and now that position has a large question mark. Watch for Balous to take over at either the punt or kickoff return in his freshman year. If for some reason he does not though, he will likely redshirt.