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Oklahoma State Recruiting: Kevin Henry Film Analysis

It is difficult to recruit a player out of a town that is home to a premier program in its own right. Kevin Henry from Baton Rouge is an example of a successful venture. Good thing too. Henry was one of the best players in the entire class.

Kevin Henry could be an early contributor in 2015.
Kevin Henry could be an early contributor in 2015.

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Strengths: Size, Great Tackling, Nose for the Ball

Weaknesses: Pass Coverage

In a class that saw four defensive backs being brought it, Kevin Henry is clearly the class of that group. Another great tackler, Henry will be a safety that can play in the box as a run supporter and also make tackles in the open field against faster receivers. With his size, he will be able to match up against larger receivers and tight ends as well. This will prove to be a valuable asset for Henry. Henry is also a straight up ball hound. Whether it is delivering big hits on a ball carrier, or jumping a route for a diving interception, Henry has an ability to be around the ball.

Projection: Kevin Henry could be a player that makes an early impact for the Cowboys, but more in terms of added depth than extensive playing time. The youth at the safety position will allow for intense competition in spring and summer. Jordan Sterns is likely the only lock to hold onto his starting position from last season. Tre Flowers will be next in line to take the second safety slot. Beyond that, it is fair game and it will likely depend on how quickly Henry can learn the defense and the language that is used to signal out alignments and coverages. Injuries have been an issue in the past with Cowboy safeties so depth will be a premium going into 2015.