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Oklahoma State Recruiting: Za'Carrius Green Film Analysis

Undersized speedy outside linebackers have been a successful niche at Oklahoma State in the past. The Pokes got another one today in Za'Carrius Green. Green may have some things to learn but he doesn't come to Stillwater empty handed.

Z'Carrius Green is a speedy outside linebacker that will provide plenty of versatility off the edge.
Z'Carrius Green is a speedy outside linebacker that will provide plenty of versatility off the edge.
Andrea Freeman

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Strengths: Speed, Reads "Keys" Well

Weaknesses: Size, Role Questions

The star linebacker trend at Oklahoma State looks to continue. Glenn Spencer has opened that position up in his scheme and now, larger run support safeties and undersized coverage linebackers are being converted to this hybrid position. Za'Carrius Green could be the next Cowboy to fit the mold. An outside linebacker at Duncanville High School, Green is definitely undersized for a collegiate outside linebacker. That doesn't mean his body type won't be used by the ever adapting defensive coordinator Spencer. Green possesses quickness off the edge and is able to diagnose a play with precision. That is the linebacker in Green. If he were to be converted to star, the next question would be whether his pass coverage is proficient enough to succeed in a pass happy conference such as the Big 12.

Projection: Za'Carrius Green will be a project player due to his "tweener" size and the time it will take to convert him to the hybrid star position if that is the direction the defensive staff looks to go with. Green will almost definitely be a redshirt player in 2015, which will allow for the weight gain, a position shift, or both. All that aside, Green is an exciting prospect for the future as the Cowboys focused on reaffirming the depth of its team this recruiting cycle.