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Oklahoma State Recruiting: Johnny Wilson Film Analysis

If there were a point of weakness in the 2014 season for Oklahoma State, it was the offensive line. While the unit improved drastically over the course of Bedlam and the bowl game, there are still plenty of questions about the players filling the roles up front.

After a shaky start in 2014, Oklahoma State's offensive line is fortifying its line with depth like Johnny Wilson
After a shaky start in 2014, Oklahoma State's offensive line is fortifying its line with depth like Johnny Wilson

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Strengths: Run Blocking, Blocks With an Attitude

Weaknesses: Pass Pro, Footwork at Guard

Johnny Wilson was the first commit of the 2015 class and it was so long ago that he was able to see what he was getting into. Wilson witnessed a season of struggle from the Pokes offensive line and the new departure in now former offensive line coach Bob Connelly. With questions regarding who will take Connelly's place still unfilled, Wilson stayed on with his commitment. Wilson is for sure a run blocker first. With a nasty attitude, he blocks until the whistle blows the play dead. Teams need offensive lineman with a mean streak. From a pass protection perspective, there are questions. Wilson played tackle at Midland Christian and now will move to guard. Those two positions are different in that the footwork involved can be starkly different. Wilson weighs in at 275, so some added weight could be in order too.

Projection: There is a lot of youthful depth in the 2015 Oklahoma State offensive line, and Johnny Wilson will be a part of that depth. The likelihood of Wilson playing year one, are slim to none and Wilson will probably redshirt with the guard positions going nearly three deep with players that are already on the team or are currently enrolled in the spring semester. Wilson will need to be able to move from a run-heavy system to a spread system that will incorporate multiple blocking schemes in both running and passing. The redshirt would do Wilson some good in the long run.