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The All-Time Oklahoma State Basketball Team Tournament

A battle for the ages is about to take place in Gallagher-Iba Arena! Eleven of the all-time great Cowboy basketball teams will enter, but only the best of the best will be crowned champion!

There are two versions of Gallagher-Iba Arena that make the old building truely magical. The first is the filled-to-the-brim, floor-shaking, lightbulb-bursting, ear-deafining, Rrrrrrrrrrowdiest Arena in the Country. Teams hate to meet this behemoth of a monster, and few have left her clutches unscathed. Then, there's the mysterious side. The kind that's seldom experienced, a completely empty GIA.

Folks that have met this silent leviathan will whisper its wonder, bask in its beauty and marvel its memories.  Stand center court on that original silky white maple, close your eyes and take a deep breath. You can hear the squeak of the shoes and the roar of Cowboy alumni past and present. Shhhhh, and listen...

"He shoots, he scores, heeeeee's fouled!" Bill Teegins excitedly calls in his trademark delivery.

If those hallowed halls could talk, I wonder of what they'd say. Would they recall the days of  Mr. Iba as he made his stamp on not just Oklahoma State, but the sport of basketball forever? Would they relive that first game played where OSU defeated Kansas? Or would they rejoice the memories of being the first college program to win a repeat championship?  There are countless memories stored in the walls of that old arena, and many teams that made those memories possible.

Of the many years of Cowboys basketball, fans still debate which team made the most-lasting impression. Exactly which OSU team is the greatest of all-time? The talent through the years has been nothing short of phenomenal, so we here at Cowboys Ride For Free went in search of a way to settle the age-old question. Using quantum physics and string theory we've come up with a solution. Introducing....

The All-Time Oklahoma State Basketball Team Tournament

We have assembled what we believe to be the greatest Cowboys teams, and brought them to a parallel dimension so that they may compete with each other. Imagine it: Tony Allen vs. Marcus Smart or Bryant Reeves vs. Bob Kurland!

Over the next couple of weeks, the greatest teams in Cowboys history will hash it out in a tournament of the ages. And the best part? You all decide the winners! Here's how things are going to work:

How It Works
  • We identified 11 teams deserving of the tournament. It's a strange number, but we've made it work. Check out the bracket below.
  • Over the next two weeks (beginning tomorrow morning) we'll present you with the match ups. We'll announce each team, highlight their merits, talk about the stars, and speculate.
  • THE FANS VOTE FOR THE WINNER OF EACH GAME! At the bottom of each post there will be a poll. Vote who you think will win. The team with the most votes by the end of the day advances to the next round until there's a champion!
  • An the end of each round we'll do game recaps based on who you picked to win, and then announce the next round. It's going to be an exciting two weeks!

Now, without further ado, here are the selections for the All-Time Oklahoma State Basketball Team Tournament!

The All-Time Oklahoma State Basketball Team Tournament Bracket

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Orange Division
1-Seed The 1946 Oklahoma A&M Aggies National Champions
2-Seed The 2004 OSU Cowboys Final Four
3-Seed The 1951 Oklahoma A&M Aggies Final Four
Wild Card The 2000 OSU Cowboys Elite Eight
Wild Card The 1983 OSU Cowboys First Round
Black Division
1-Seed The 1945 Oklahoma A&M Aggies National Champions
2-Seed The 1995 OSU Cowboys Final Four
Wild Card The 1949 Oklahoma A&M Aggies National Runner-Up
Wild Card The 1965 OSU Cowboys Sweet Sixteen
Wild Card The 2005 OSU Cowboys Sweet Sixteen
Wild Card The 2013 OSU Cowboys Second Round

There you have it, folks. I think we can all agree that our Selection Committee has thrown together a spectacular lineup, with a plethora of players who have left their mark on Oklahoma State basketball.  Now, all that remains is for these teams to leave it all on the court, er... in the polls. Don't forget to check for matchups and results. The action kicks off with three games tomorrow!

It's time to pick a team and take sides, because in the Thunderdome that is Gallagher-Iba Arena, there can be only one ultimate champion. Who do you like to win it all?