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Oklahoma State Basketball Bracketology

The Cowboys look to be trending in the wrong direction in most NCAA Bracket Projections, and that may not be a bad thing.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Last weekend following the WVU loss, the Pokes looked to be headed toward an 8 or 9 seed. Things have changed slightly in the last few days.


18-12 Overall | 8-9 Big 12 (6th)





SOS Rank


RPI Rank

11-4 4-8 3-0 0.5840 15 0.5805 46
Quality Wins (Teams Ranked 1-50 in the RPI)






2 2/7 Home Kansas 67-62
10 1/27 Home Baylor 64-53
10 2/15 Road Baylor 74-65
42 1/10 Home Texas 69-58
42 2/4 Road Texas 65-63 (OT)
47 1/26 Neutral Tulsa 73-58
Bad Losses (Teams Ranked 100+ in the RPI)






131 2/15 Away TCU 55-70
179 2/28 Away Texas Tech 62-63

*RPI and SOS stats courtesy

The Pokes have fallen a few spots in RPI and SOS rankings. This may be partially due to the post season play that is already happening around the country. The Cowboys should get a bump in strength of schedule after the Bedlam match-up tomorrow.

Here is the latest bracket projections for the Cowboys:

Bracket Projections

SBN 10 South San Diego State Seattle
ESPN 11 East Georgetown Pittsburgh
CBS 8 East Xavier Charlotte

*All Projections as of 3/11

Another week of mixed results from the 3 polls. Jerry Palm seems to still put quite a bit of stock in Oklahoma State's quality wins, while Joe Lunardi has been focused on the current funk the Cowboys are in losing 6 of the last 7 games. I tend to agree more with ESPN's projection at this point, although I don't think they are closer to a 10 seed than 11. That appears to be the case according to

Average Seed
# of Brackets
9 Xavier Big East 8.89 113
9 Dayton Atlantic 10 9.15 112
9 North Carolina State ACC 9.18 114
9 LSU SEC 9.4 112
10 Oklahoma State Big 12 9.56 114
10 Colorado State Mountain West 9.56 110
10 Davidson Atlantic 10 9.57 113
10 Georgia SEC 9.58 113
11 Boise State Mountain West 10.61 110
11 Texas Big 12 10.69 109
11 Mississippi SEC 10.8 112
11 Purdue Big Ten 10.92 108

The Cowboys are certainly not doing themselves any favors at the moment, although it may not be a bad thing if the Cowboys are indeed a 10 seed. Typically 7 seeds in the tournament aren't much tougher of an opponent than an 8 seed, and the Pokes would most likely face a 2 seed with a win rather than a 1.

I was curious if a loss tomorrow would put the Cowboys on the bubble, so I asked the expert.

Apparently the Cowboys are in no danger of falling out of the tournament, although I could see them falling as far as a 12 seed with a loss tomorrow depending on what happens around the country. A win against OU could perhaps move them up to a 7 seed, which would also be fantastic. Let's hope the Cowboys jump start their post season tomorrow night with a solid performance against the Sooners.