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Cowboys Ride For Free Bracket Challenge: Do You Have What It Takes?

It's that time of year again. Bust out the brackets and the White-Out (because you wrote in pen and keep changing your mind), it's March Madness time!

Even Travis is consumed by March Madness!
Even Travis is consumed by March Madness!
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are once again, that emotionally tumultuous time of year where we all try to figure out which one of us can basketball guess the best. And we here at CRFF can't resist the opportunity to embarrass ouselves and interact with our readers.

Presenting the CRFF Bracket Challenge!

It's easy to jump right in on this exciting contest. Just head on over to our group page, sign up and make your selections! Then sit back, watch the tournament and happily cheer/angrily outburst as the outcomes effect your picks and a chance at ultimate glory.

The rules are simple: once you sign up, select the traditional style of play. The game is just like its name, make all your picks before the first games on Thursday and let it ride. Sadly, no prizes will be awarded to our winner, but that one lucky person will be named CRFF King of Basketball with 365 days of bragging rights. We might even send you a crown!*

So come join in on the fun and may the odds Madness ever be in your favor.

(*Sorry, we can't really send you a crown. But we can give you a really cool social media shoutout.)