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Let's Talk To A Student!

We talked to a graduate, let's talk to a student

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The farther I get from my time in Stillwater the more awesome college seems. They get to drink more, sleep more, maybe if they're lucky see somebody naked. They have their whole lives in front of them and their dreams are still achievable. Anyways, let's talk to Tyler, A senior at Oklahoma State. He was born in Stillwater and reached out to me to share some of his thoughts on Ford, Stillwater and the TV show he'd rather watch.

  1. Have any favorite Oklahoma State related sports memories you want to share?

There are so many but my favorite is one of my earliest ones. We used to sit in the family fun zone before they remodeled the stadium. I was young maybe 11 or 12. I believe we were playing Tech, it was close game and our defense got a pick to seal the game and I was jumping up and down screaming my lungs out and I couldn’t even hear my buddy screaming next to me.  That’s when I fell in love with OSU sports.

  1. Complete this sentence. "Pokelahoma, you’re just trolling for page views, but I think that Greek students at halftime of homecoming ______________"

Are just there for the show. I am not a part of Greek life but I have lot friends that are.  What they do for homecoming is important but I just feel bad for the student athletes when they see half of the student section leave after the announcement of the decoration winners.

  1. As a student, what’s your favorite sport?

Football is my favorite. The week build up to the game and with only being 5-7 home games everyone is an event.  I will say when GIA is rocking it’s hard to beat a basketball game.

  1. What do you think the feeling on campus about the basketball program is?

It’s on the decline. Marcus Smart’s freshman year (my sophomore year) I went every game except the TCU game, it was a blast. The next year I made as many games as possible, the Memphis game and Kansas games were so loud. My head was throbbing and throat was scratchy afterwards. This year showed signs of life for that 3 game stretch but man senior night was bad, emptiest I’ve seen GIA in a while for a conference and it was senior night. Everyone is expects the worst and feels like the future is not bright.

  1. If you could give advice to incoming freshman what would you tell them?

If somehow Juwan Evans is as good as Marcus Smart go watch every single minute


  1. As someone born in Stillwater can you describe some of the changes you’ve seen?

The facilities are top notch from the stadium to the locker rooms. Even the Union has transformed.  As for just the city the amount of apartment buildings and stores keep increasing. It’s really great to watch how my hometown is growing.

  1. What’s changed for you sports wise since you enrolled at Oklahoma State?

When I was younger I would look up to the athletes like they were some kind of superheroes. Now having them as classmates just makes me realized they are normal kids like me.  I have more respect them as I see them try to juggle their sport and class.

  1. Do you know who Ivan Mcfarlin is? DONT LOOK IT UP

Yes! IMac, he was on those amazing 04 and 05 teams. I remember being at homecoming and hoops when he announced he was returning for his senior season. Looking back I had no idea where he would be going, I didn’t even know guys could leave early back then.

  1. You’re having dinner with five other people, however one of them HAS to be Travis Ford, Name your other four.

Ford’s buying right? My two obvious ones are Phil Forte and Mike Holder. Forte just see how much Ford really loves him (maybe Ford calls him Keiton a time or two?) and Holder just so I can be the one to ask "so what did Travvy actually do to earn that 10 year contract?"  I would also want Gundy there to add on to the question "so Gundy doesn’t deserve 10 years but Ford did?" My last one would be Brandon Weeden.

  1. Which fictional TV show would you rather watch?

A: Iron Swing: Mike Holder gives swing tips on the course to coaches visiting from other schools

I’ll take Holder’s show just on the off chance someone makes him angry and he goes off on him.

B: Country Cooking With Ann: The First Cowgirl hosts a cooking show sharing various family recipes.​

I love the offseason too guys! Seriously though, Hints, tips, tricks, suggestions, comments, want to be an expert for me in a future post?