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Is Travis Ford's Time At Oklahoma State Coming To An End?

The Oklahoman is reporting that Oklahoma State may be considering buying Travis Ford out of his contract.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

John Helsey with the Oklahoman is reporting that multiple sources have told him that Oklahoma State is considering buying Travis Ford out of his contract.

If the Cowboys were to buy Ford out, it would be a fairly substantial amount.

From the article:

The cost of firing Ford: at least $9.6 million - the full remainder owed from a 10-year contract extension given to the coach in September of 2009. It's a sizable sum that serves as a deterrent to making a change, considering the school would then have to pay Ford's replacement. And with the average Big 12 basketball coaching salary - among public schools - at $2.6 million, OSU could have as much as $5 million tied up in its basketball position next year and throughout the terms of Ford's deal, which runs through 2019.

The Pokes would certainly need some help from powerful donors to make it happen. If rumors are to be believed though, that might not be a problem.

Rumors continue to build, and you know, where's there's smoke...