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Boone Pickens Is Tweeting Support For Travis Ford

With rumors swirling that donors are raising money to buy Travis Ford out of his contract, the biggest booster of them all showed his support for the coach.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Travis Ford isn't getting a lot of public support these days, but at least one man is in his corner. One very, very powerful man.  Mega-booster T Boone Pickens tweeted out message of support for the embattled coach.

Um... What? More time?!

This is turning into a circus. What's worse than hiring Travis Ford to a 10-year deal? Firing him apparently.

Honestly, after the last few days I don't know how you can ask the coach and his family to return. Recruiting is done, and it has to be awful for the him, his family, and the team to listen to this. If you think it's bad now, just wait. If he returns and the Pokes spend another year in the bottom half of the Big 12, the cries for his firing will be deafening. Or worse, silence. The fans won't stick around forever.

It's also important to realize that supporting a coach is different than being upset if he were to be bought out.

As one could predict, the reaction on Twitter was strong.