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OKLAHOMA STATE FOOTBALL: Let the unreasonable expectations take root

Spring football is done. Now we wait.

Try to restrain yourselves....

UAB transfer Victor Salako is #73, and will likely nail down a starting spot on the left side of the OL.
UAB transfer Victor Salako is #73, and will likely nail down a starting spot on the left side of the OL.

What did we learn?

That's the question, right?

We want to know...get a glimpse...something. The leftovers of 2014 have us begging for 2015.

Well guess what?

We got nothing.

It's the "spring game." It's really just a glorified scrimmage, but it was WAY more than what we got last season.

But we still got nothing.

Well, maybe not nothing, but not much more than nothing.

The "dead" period. The "dark" times.

Whatever  you call it, one thing is clear.

There's no more football until fall camp.

Let us revel in this, the ultimate of teases. Whatever it was, it will have to be enough, because there won't be anymore until August, and if you think we saw enough to start making proclamations, then you're drinking more of the kool-aid than I do, and I don't think that is possible.

A lovely, wonderful fan made it much worse than it should have been.

A friend of the blog (you'll know who she is soon enough) was at the "event," and put up more video on Twitter than I'm sure OSU Athletics (ie: Mike Holder and Mike Gundy) would be comfortable with. Video devices will probably be confiscated next season.

In the meantime, let's enjoy the view...

Here's some more, courtesy of OSU Athletics...

Here's Gundy afterwards...

Most of the game was carried on, but Hunziker and gang spoke about players as much as the plays, so that wasn't so fun. Rudolph and Walsh traded interceptions to get things going, with Kevin Peterson taking his pic of Walsh back for 6. At that point Cowboy faithful were probably ready for John Kolar to be the starter. They both settled down, and Kolar and Cornelius got plenty of snaps. Multiple media outlets will report on who was impressive, but as we've seen in years past that doesn't mean a thing.

Here's Denise with the perfect sign off...

Yes, we will wait, and I can imagine what we'll think about this team the night before they play Central Michigan.

Thanks Denise, for making this much harder than it was already going to be.