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Oklahoma State Needs 18 Innings To Beat Texas

The Cowboys began their series against the Longhorns with one of the longest games in program history on Friday night.

With each passing inning in Oklahoma States win over Texas, fans began to funnel out of Allie P. Reynolds stadium, the ones who stayed witnessed history.

The Cowboys found a way to outlast the Longhorns 6-3 last night (this morning?) in an 18-inning thriller, nearly lasting seven hours.

From his first pitch, Cowboy pitcher Jon Perrin was ready to put on a show. In six and one-third innings, Perrin threw six strike outs and allowed only one run. A home run designated hitter Kevin Bradley smacked into right field in the bottom of the second to make it 2-0 was enough for Perrin.

After Perrin left in the seventh, the Cowboys appeared to have found themselves in some trouble, though. In the next eight batters and four outs, five OSU pitchers came into the game. Even with all the pitching changes, the Cowboys were able to make sure the Longhorns scored only two runs, making it a 3-2 Longhorn lead in the top of the eighth.

This is where the fun began,

In the ninth inning the Cowboys found themselves in a hole with two quick outs to begin the inning. Thankfully for OSU, third baseman Jacob Chappell and second baseman Tim Arakawa each earned a walk, putting two on with two out for Connor Costello. Costello, who also gunned down a Longhorn runner from right field earlier in the game, drove a single into the outfield, scoring Chappell and making the game even at 3-3 with two outs.

Left fielder Gage Green hit a ground ball to the pitcher on a check swing to end the ninth, sending the game into extra innings for the third time in four games for Texas.

In extras the game came to a stand still for eight and a half innings, each team threatening in multiple innings but not able to finish it off. Fans started to leave, media members laughed and deadlines were missed (hence why this is just now coming up).

Corey Hassel, who played centerfield for the first 15 innings, came down to pitch in inning No. 16, eventually finishing the game.

"He (OSU coach Josh Holliday) had since told me that I might have to come in earlier in the game," Hassel said. "And I said 'you know, whatever I need to do to help us win,' I mean we're short on arms. We can't use everybody on Friday night.

"So I was just ready for whatever they needed me to do."

In inning number 18, after nearly seven hours, the Cowboys got Green and Hunter Hagler on base via walks, and with two outs. Now it was Hassels' turn to try to end the game, how poetic.

On a 1-2 count, Hassel ended the game on a home run to left field, sealing a 6-3 win.

"That was an epic game, I don't know what else you can say," Holliday said. "Great finish, a lot of courage, a lot of kids to be mentioned. But Corey (Hassel) in the end got the one swing of the bat that we all sought to have for the last nine innings of that thing after regulation ended...

"Both sides, both sets of players you have to admire. Texas' players competed awfully hard, they pitched awfully good and they're an excellent team. College athletes competing like that, you just admire the competitive spirit. And luckily for us in the end, we had a kid have an awfully big moment."

The Cowboys will try to beat the Longhorns in less time when the game starts tonight at 6:30 and the recap will definitely be up much quicker.