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The Quick Draw - 6.16.15

We've brought a new facet onto the site, The Quick Draw, here's the first look.

On The Trail - Flickr - Bill Gracey

Cowboys Ride For Free has always prided itself on bringing you up to date on all things Oklahoma State. Sometimes though, readers may not have the time to go through a lot of articles and want a quick stop by where they can see things that happened the day before.

This is that. Every day we will publish one of these with some links that will take readers to stories, tweets, videos or whatever you may have missed (or maybe we even missed) the day before.

  • Daxx Garman may be gone, but he still gets tweets sent out from the official football account for him.

  • Guess who's back, back again?!
  • The obvious favorites to win the Big 12 title this year reside in Waco and Ft. Worth, but our guys in Stillwater aren't as far behind as one might think.
  • Hard to believe we didn't put this up, but Cowgirls got a new coach who actually used to play baseball for that team down south.
  • It won't take long but take a look at Clarence Hill's Twitter page. Some stuff on Dez Bryant.
  • I guess this is what we call click bait news now but I guess it's pretty cool.
  • The coaching staff is impressive? Take a look at a Cowboy commit has to say.