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What Do OSU Fans Think: Is Dez Right or Wrong?

Dez Bryant has made it very clear he doesn't want to play without a contract extension this offseason, but is he right to skip out on team events?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Dez Bryant has become one of the top receivers in the National Football League since leaving Stillwater after being picked by Dallas in the 2010 Draft. After coming off arguably his best year as a pro player, scoring 16 touchdowns on 88 receptions and over 1,300 yards, Bryant was about to come face to face with a long term deal with Dallas in the offseason.

But then, things got a little dirty. The Cowboys wanted to keep No. 1 running back DeMarco Murray and in trying to do so, franchise tagged Bryant. The tag means Bryant is scheduled to make the average of the top five salaries in the league at his position, receiver. The average is just under $13 million, all of which is guaranteed.

This isn't enough for Bryant and he has made it very clear over the past few months. On Wednesday, he posted this Tweet.

Bryant set out all of the teams offseason practices, becoming the talk of the team who just lost last years No. 1 back in the NFL. Although some teams may fear when a top player is holding out, or in Bryants' case, threatening to skip regular season games, the Cowboys have been quite calm

"I know Dez. I know his mindset. I know his mentality. I know he's working hard and hopefully we can get the business stuff resolved and he'll get back to playing football." - Jason Garrett

Maybe the team had a reason to be calm. Bryant returned to the team today, but not really. According to multiple reports, Bryant was seen at AT&T Stadium, where the has been practicing, sitting with his teammates before the final practice.

Dez did not practice but according to ESPN, he did speak with owner Jerry Jones.

Our question is simple: Is Dez Bryant in the right? All he wants, or so all he has let the public know, is a contract extension so he can have some security about his future. Or should Bryant cowboy up and go to practice like the millionaire he is paid to be?