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Big 12 Way Too Early Predictions

Before we start speaking with the other SBN Big 12 sites, here's a look at how the conference might end up.

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It's about 70 days until the college football season starts and the madness that is begins. That still hasn't stopped anyone from putting up predictions that are way too early. CRFF isn't going to shy away from it either. Here is the first edition of what the Big 12 might look like come seasons end, but probably not.

  1. TCU - TCU may go through the schedule undefeated, they have the talent to do so. The hardest trips for the Horned Frogs are to Stillwater and Norman but as of right now, I don't have a good enough reason for an OSU or OU win against this juggernaut. They also get Texas and Baylor at home in Ft. Worth. However, if TCU is to lose, I wouldn't be completely surprised for it to happen in Oklahoma, somewhere.
  2. Baylor - It pains me to kill this, but this team will be good. The fact it plays about one team, WVU, that will finish its season in a bowl the first eight weeks helps a lot. The last stretch of games (OU, OSU, TCU) will prove tough, especially with two of those on the road. Baylor hasn't won in Stillwater since the 90s, and it won't happen this year but the team will finish with more wins than OSU.
  3. Oklahoma State - Like Baylor, OSU has a pretty soft first eight games. It's only challenge is the conference opener against Texas, but should be a win if things go right. Having OU, TCU and Baylor at home could set the Cowboys up for some big upsets, or it could be a nightmarish end to a season that started with a lot of promise.
  4. Oklahoma - OU is my dark horse for the 2015 season. Everyone knows OSU has the talent, same with the other teams. Texas is expected to be decent and Texas Tech doesn't have a defense. The only thing OU is missing is a quarterback, but they do have one. If Baker Mayfield can play to the level he is capable of, this team can win a lot of games. Also, you can't count out a team who has Bob Stoops as the coach.
  5. Texas - Texas is going to be decent this year, but that isn't because the team is bad. Texas has probably the hardest first three games in the whole conference with Call and Notre Dame and then has to play OSU right after that. Texas will make a bowl game but the fact it doesn't have a quarterback who can lead the team into hostile environments and come out on top will hurt it, dramatically.
  6. West Virginia - Might open up the year 0-4 in the conference, or 1-3 if the cards fall right. The good news is if they do get out of there with four wins after seven weeks, the last five weeks should grant them at least two more wins to make a bowl.
  7. Texas Tech - They'll climb out of the cellar with a fast offense but not that far out because the defense is horrid. They'll win a game or two, but nothing should surprise you about this team.
  8. Kansas State - I know you should never count out Bill Snyder, but this year is an exception. The team is in (almost) complete rebuild mode and has to replace a lot of talent. The Wildcats and Red Raiders could easily switch places, though.
  9. Iowa State - This team just now got a 2016 commit and dismissed a running back. The Big 12 is going to fast for ISU, but good news is they still play in Ames. I fully expect either ISU or KSU to play spoiler to a contender, but that may be the only win of the year.
  10. Kansas - Brace yourself, basketball season is coming.